My First Tablet Purchase Might Actually Be A Google Honeycomb Tablet

I am not the biggest fan of tablet computers. I really don’t see the point in them. But after seeing the Google Honeycomb event, I might actually change my mind.

I’ve never really understood the fascination with the iPad or a Galaxy Tab because to me, all I see is a blown up version of iOS and Android OS respectively. I’ve been waiting for a “real” tablet OS. If I wanted to buy a tablet, I would want to feature a more full PC experience tailored for mobility on a tablet. Microsoft has tried to squeeze in their Windows 7 OS on a tablet and it will never work.

In comes Google….

Google have said that their Android OS is not suited for a tablet experience and there had been rumors about them working on a real tablet OS. I believe Honeycomb is the real tablet I have been waiting for.

The Google Experience

Everything about Google Honeycomb or Android 3.0 is different. The UI is not the grid app icon you see in the Android mobile versions. The UI resembles a desktop but is still very touch friendly.

I’m not saying its perfect tablet but it is a very different experience from the iPad and the Galaxy tab. Its also better than the current Microsoft tablet strategy.

Microsoft on the other might be having something up their sleeves. I think Microsoft has the potential to produce a great tablet experience. Their products like Office and Bing could easily make it a player. But if they don’t come up with something, Google might sprint far ahead of them.

Presently, if I was given the opportunity to own a Honeycomb tablet, I would happily accept it.

But its not all rainbow and unicorns for the Honeycomb tablets. The questions still remain:

How much will the hardware cost and will be given the ball and chain treatment with carriers? Will I have to sign a new contract just to get a tablet? That would mean I will have a smartphone contract AND a tablet contract which is not something I’m planning to do.

It should be interesting to see how this moves along because HP/Palm are planning a tablet conference next week. Web OS is still a very interesting OS and it looks like it could work for tablets.

We’ll see if Microsoft jumps into the game with their very own tablet. But if I wanted a tablet, I think I would definitely pick the Honeycomb tablet.


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