Motorola Xoom Part 2: Why I Might NOT Buying This Tablet (Hint:Pricing) (Update)

Today, the official Motorola Xoom ad came out and I thought it was good. Nothing wrong with a subtle jab at their nearest competitor, Apple with “1984” -ish reference.

But then I got news of the possible pricing of the device and there’s no way on this green Earth and I’m shelling that amount of dough for a tablet.

According to Engadget, a Best Buy tipster revealed that the Xoom will be sold on February 24 and cost, wait for it…. $800!!

I don’t know what the people at Motorola were smoking when they priced this device but there’s no way in hell regular consumer like me is going to spend $800 (plus tax) to buy a “tablet”. Sure, it has a dual core processor and 1GB of RAM but if I wanted to spend $800 on a computer, I would buy a laptop.

You’re really disappointed Motorola, I really thought I might the Xoom my first tablet purchase but since they didn’t decide to take the hit on pricing and be reasonable, I will not be buying that.

I wonder what LG has going on with their tablet….


Ok, to be a little fair to Motorola, I’ve been comparing prices with the iPad to give a better look at the pricing overall:

Wifi Only: iPad 16GB: $499, iPad 32GB: $599

3G+Wifi: iPad 16GB: $629, iPad 64GB: $729

Rumored 3G+Wifi Version of Xoom: Xoom 32GB: $800

WiFi Only Version: Unknown (hopefully cheaper)

Now looking at these prices, you can clearly see that the iPad has a competitive advantage. To try and be fair to Motorola, the Xoom does have higher specs including a front and rear camera as well as a dual core processor.

But if Apple releases the iPad 2 and has almost the same amount of specs and its priced cheaper, Motorola will lose. Still don’t know why Motorola won’t take the hit on the price. We’ll see what happens..


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