Rant: When Did Tablets Become A NEED Technology

Guess what? The iPad 2 got announced this week and a lot of noise was created. To be very frank with you: I don’t care.

I have a problem with tablets in general. I don’t blame companies but in fact, I blame consumers. Consumers who think that they need to buy something that looks shiny and “cool”.

I have 3 tech devices on me: A Toshiba laptop, an iPhone 3G and a Zune HD. Why in the world I would need a tablet is beyond me. All the things that I get done can be accomplished on my laptop. A tablet to me, is a cool “toy”. It has apps that do cool stuff but nothing more.

To be frank, I would rather tablets be made exclusively for sectors in Health and Education. What does an average consumer really do with their tablet? Play Angry Birds?

I understand how a tablet makes a person more mobile but I think its a waste because average consumers are really not using the full potential of their tablets. All these new Android and other tablets coming out with high specs to me make absolutely no sense. What am I going to do with a tablet that has a dual core processor?? I don’t do extensive stuff at all

I see how businesses can use tablets. Whether its accepting orders electronically or tracking shipments over the web, it makes way more sense. I don’t understand the average consumer who are buying these tablets. To me it seems more like a hive mentality. They see other people buying it, saying how cool it is and therefore think they might be left behind in the trend if they don’t buy one.

(I think I’m one sentence away from calling the average consumer “dumb”)

I don’t want to bash the iPad2 or the Xoom or other tablets because the companies making these devices are simply responding to the consumer market.

I’m a lover of technology. I love when new tech comes and changes how our society functions. My problem however lies with the consumer. As consumers, we actually let known what we want. I think some of these companies get the wrong message when all start anwsering these surveys and buying with out wallets. We’re basically saying we want high powered tablets.

What I’m trying to say is simple: Average consumers like me don’t NEED tablets. They’re cool pieces of technology but we need to stop acting like these devices are crucial. If you hand me a free tablet, best believe I will take it but there’s no way I’m reaching into my wallet to pay for one. I appreciate tablets in places like hospitals and schools and even helping austistic kids.

Just like I said in one in my posts about too much tech, I believe that tablets are cool but just not necessary


3 thoughts on “Rant: When Did Tablets Become A NEED Technology

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