Waiter, There’s An Idiot Commentator On My Website

The internet is a crazy place! You can do a lot of (legal) things and say a lot of crap on websites without facing a lot of backlash.

But since the emergence of more social networks like Twitter and the growing popularity of Facebook, it seems like the internet has grown vicious and its actually beginning worrisome (to me at least). I sometimes go across the internet and read the comments that people post and I’m always shocked at the sheer stupidity and sometimes moronic things people say in a particular article or post.

Let’s look at some of the things I’m kind of concerned with:

Technology/Gadgets blogs

The fanboys are always in full force. If they mention a single criticism of their favorite company/gadget in a blog post/article on your website, they will come out and just talk about how dumb both the writer and article are. Even if you highlight legitimate flaws in your post, the ignorance surrounding these commentators cannot be removed and they will still talk out their back sides. I recently tried to add a little sarcasm in a blog recently in the comment section and was immediately met with hostility. I guess my mistake was: 1) Sarcasm is hard to read on the internet and 2) Commentators are crazy and have no sense of humor.

It amazes how people don’t do their research but will constantly talk about something they have NO idea what they are talking about. If you don’t know all the information, don’t talk about a particular issue in a comment box.

Sports Websites

Once again, most people who write on ESPN and other sports can be CRAZY! Seriously, people say the DUMBEST things! I wonder if people actually read the article and then comment or simply read the headlines and just say whats on their mind. If “Lebron” is in a sports headlines, there are going to be comments about how he sucks. The headline could read: “Lebron Saves Baby from Burning Building” and I could guarantee that at least one moron will write “Lebron sucks”.

In conclusion, this is all I’m saying: Please use common sense when commenting! The more I see dumb comments and dumb tweets, the more I fear the future generations of mankind. There are times I wish websites just didn’t have a comment box because most people just ruin a good story with their garbage comments.

Some people still leave great comments and provide great knowledge. Its so unfortunate that those people are in the minority than the majority.


2 thoughts on “Waiter, There’s An Idiot Commentator On My Website

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