Dude, Where’s My Zune Software Upgrade?


I don’t mean for this blog post to sound like I’m whining but rather it is a nice list of features that I think NEED to be in the software. I think the Zune software is great and I would rather use it than use the iTunes software but I think it would great if the next version/update could get add some of the following features:

Reviews In The Marketplace

We know that Microsoft tried to make Zune more social by allowing users to have “ZuneTags” and earlier on tried to make users share music. That plan was scrapped but ZuneTags remain. I’ve been wondering why Microsoft doesn’t have a feature in which users review albums/songs that they’ve bought in the Zune Marketplace. It seems so overdue. If I want to buy an album/song, I would love to know what my friends/others think about it before purchasing it for myself.

They could also have a review box for videos and podcasts as well.

Ability To View All My Windows Phone 7 Apps

I know that you can go in to the account settings and view the apps that you’ve purchased from the WP7 marketplace but it seems so hidden. Why not show the purchased apps in the software just like the Zune HD apps. I don’t like the fact that I have to go to a list to scroll through but instead would find it better if I could view the icons grid to easily go through my purchased apps.

The Social Network

The Zune.net website has some social buttons How about the Zune software? I think this would be trickier but it could prove fruitful. The Twitter app on the Zune HD has a nice feature in which the user can select the music button and automatically post what song he/she is listening to Twitter. I think it would nice if this same feature was implemented in the Zune software. They could add a Facebook button as well. It would help Zune with more exposure if more people were using social networks within Zune.

Its been a while since we’re seen any updates to the Zune software. I think the Zune software is a better alternative to the iTunes software as far as music playing and design. But the iTunes store still has some better features over the Zune marketplace. If Microsoft could implement a couple of the above mentioned features into the next update, it would make both software and marketplace more desirable.


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