Technology Has Spoiled You


I’m beginning to notice a little trend in the tech community. I know that the tech blogosphere and community are supposed to be critical of the products and companies they review but I can’t help but feel like most people have become…..spoiled!

I’ve looked at some reviews of some gadgets such as smartphones and I think to actually dock points from the gadget because it has a “plasticky” feel and therefore makes it feel cheap is kind of overrated. Seriously, are we going to start criticizing tech gadgets because its in a particular color that WE don’t like?? How about we appreciate the fact that the damn thing has a touchscreen which allows you to manipulate things with your bloody fingers!!!

Let’s look at smartphones:

These things are basically alien technology. I mean seriously. I can go to almost anywhere in the United States and pull up my email, read a book, play music AND play games!?!! Thats amazing. And guess what? It can make calls too!  But what do people criticize about the particular smartphone? It doesn’t have [Insert app] on it.

I don’t people realize how fortunate they are to have such existing technology.

Here’s a cool story:
One day I was lost on my way to the bus station in New York. So what did I do? Pulled out my smartphone, opened maps and got the right directions. Took my 2 minutes. I even played a game of Angry Birds while I got the right train to my location.

People complain a lot especially on the blogosphere about how product X sucks because it doesn’t have so and so features. If I have to hear about how a product doesn’t flash, I’m going to scream. What do you mean it doesn’t have flash! It has a freaking gyroscope and 3D graphics and its thinner than a pencil!

Maybe its me. I’m not the type of person who gets picky when it comes to technology. I just go out and afford the right type particular gadget I want. Maybe its the fact that I grew up with not a lot of technology around me and therefore appreciate the things I have now. I have a Samsung Focus, a Zune HD and a Toshiba Laptop. A simple collection of devices. A smartphone for my making calls/other stuff, a Zune HD to take care of my huge music library and a Toshiba Laptop to take care of web browsing, doing work etc. I love all these devices equally.

I’m not saying some tech companies and tech devices are not beyond criticism, but jeez, love what you have.

I don’t think I could have put it any other better than my guy, Louis C.K.



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