Ads Aren’t Cool. You Know Whats Cool? Interactive Ads (Kinect Style)

Let’s pause and think about this for a second: Do we all actually hate ads/commercials?

I can kind of argue for both sides of the story. Don’t we all actually get excited to watch commercials when the SuperBowl is on? I all sit down and wait for the commercials to air. On the other hand, whenever I watch my favorite shows on Hulu, I could actually do without watch the ads. Even when watching a movie on television, it somewhat gets ruined when there is a commercial break because it ruins the continuation of the movie. On the other hand, it makes for a great bathroom break.

Advertisers have always been trying to find new ways to engage the viewing public and now they’ve found a new way: Microsoft Kinect

It’s a very interesting concept I have to say.

I’ve been reading many comments online (Just to get what people are saying) and most don’t seem to be in favor. Of course, I find their disdain is kind of misdirected. Many seem to forget that Microsoft announced at E3 that it would be getting Live TV on the Xbox 360. Many people seem to think that these ads are going to pop up automatically when you play games or something and I hardly doubt that’s the case.

I see these ads appearing more when you’re watching a show when watching the Xbox 360. Last time I checked, Hulu uses ads as well. You never know. Hulu might implement Kinect ads into their platform on the Xbox 360. I see these Kinect ads coming up while watching some shows on the upcoming Live TV portion of the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Everybody looks at commercials as Satan. I agree to some degree but ads aren’t that bad. Some ads are damn funny and I watch and laugh everytime they come on my television.

I think there may be more interactive ads outside of television and more in public. I would definitely interact with a touchscreen ad on a bus stop. But put in a Kinect ad at a bus stop, my interest level peaks higher.

Its too early to judge but this has potential. Like it or not, ads are here to stay. They’re not going anyway. Advertisers will always try to innovate to get you take notice of their products.

In the future, you’re probably going to checking out a holographic ad with Don Draper trying to sell you a Coke.


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