Rant: Dear Netflix Customers, You’re All A Bunch Of Whiners!

I didn’t really plan to write about this but the “anger” coming from the recent Netflix price increase is just unfathomable to me.

Here’s the backstory: Netflix, the ever popular DVD/streaming service recently decided to increase its price plan for its DVD/Streaming service to $16 a month. They also have seperate plans for an only streaming service for $7.99 and also a seperate plan for DVDs for $7.99.

I am not a Netflix customer. I’ve never undertstood its popularity but apparently people LOVE IT. Like I said, I don’t use Netflix but if I did, I would simply sign up for the streaming plan and simply get Redbox DVDs for $1 a night. Simple right?

But for some reason, people seem to be “outraged”. You would think the people at Netflix stabbed puppies in the street with a smile on their faces. I already wrote a piece how people are spoiled by technology and this is a great example.

People are on Twitter talking about how they are going to cancel their plans. I say, they should go ahead and if they find a great alternative, good for them. But seriously folks, you’re mad at a movie/TV streaming service. Seriously, you are actually “angry” at price increases for television! Some of us (people in the real world) are actually pissed when we have to buy groceries and see the bill when we check out. (Seriously, milk is at $3.75!!!)

Its people like you who have the worst priorities in the world. Your government could actually default on its debt and instead of being mad at your government for failing to get a deal done, you’re actually mad because you have to pay more for streaming and DVDs??!!!

Apparently, you people seem to think streaming things is so cheap. You think everything is cheap. You think Netflix is not actually taken a lot of crap from the content providers to actually get you good TV and movie selection.

I have never seen so much misguided anger at something so trivial. If you want to quit, please quietly do so. Everybody and their grandmother wants to act like this is a great travesty and want to complain to anyone who will listen. Well, guess what, you’re all a bunch of spoiled brats who don’t deserve nice things.

I will sympathize you a little. If a service I was paying for raised its prices a little, I would be a bit mad but at least if that service is giving me different options, I wouldn’t be THAT upset.

Until Redbox comes out with a $2.99 DVD/Streaming service and Netflix is your best option, I suggest you stop complaining, select the best option you can and get your priorities straight.


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