The Movie Theatre Experience Is Gone, Time To Switch To The Home Experience

I didn’t think it would happen this fast but I think its time: The movie theatre experience is no longer cool. In fact, I think movie theatres are dead.

Maybe I’m seeing it from my point of view but you have to notice something here. Going to the movies is just no longer fun anymore. When’s the last time you actually bought “movie theatre food”? Seriously, the movie theatres mark up their food prices up a %100. I can’t tell you the last time I bought food at the movie theatre. Movie prices are up and paying for a 3D movie? Forget about it!

Personally, I think the future of movies is in the home. Larger display TVs are getting cheaper now. Blu-Rays offer crisp visuals and great sound especially when you own a great surround sound system. You can even get projectors and watch movies that way. You can even buy a 3D TV if you have the money. Also, you get GREAT food other than popcorn and hot dogs in your own home.

The movie theatre experience is just not the same especially with this current generation. I’m talking about these kids. These young, loud kids who come to the movie theatre to hang out and when the movie starts, they whip out their smartphones in the dark and distract you.

Another argument against the movie theatre experience is the fact that you have to drive to the theatre and then find parking. And if you get stuck in traffic, that sucks even more.

Lets be honest, we would all like to sit at home and watch movies rather than drive to a movie theatre where we would be among people we particularly don’t want to be around and pay for expensive food. More consumers are buying Apple TVs, Roku Boxes, watching Hulu, watching movies on their Xbox and PS3s and watching Netflix.

Movie studios better start designing plans on how to deliver movies to the home. It sounds daunting but there’s nothing wrong with experimentation to gauge the public. Pricing and actual delivery might be complex but they should start looking at options. If a new movie comes out, you can start showing in theatres and after one week, you can start streaming to homes. Pricing? You could start at $20 to view maybe. Maybe put in a subscription and offer some extras. Partner with a cable/internet provider for streaming options.

There’s going to be a ton of issues first-hand: Streaming problems, movie rights etc… but honestly, I think there’s way it needs to go. I don’t like going to the movie theatre anymore. I rarely do. I mostly wait for the DVDs to come out so I can watch at home. I’m sure other movie theatre goers would agree with me.

Give it a thought. I think that’s the future of the movie experience. It begins at home


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