I Want A Real Tablet Competition

Let’s be real for a second: When someone says the word “iPad”, the first thing to come into your head is tablet. Average consumers whenever they see other tablets not named iPad, they ask, “is that an iPad?”

You see what I’m trying to say here: The word Tablet is synonymous with the word iPad and thats because there is a huge lack of competition in the marketplace. Recently, Best Buy actually told HP to take their TouchPads back. From what I’ve been hearing from the tech world, the TouchPad has potential but is just flawed.

What about the absurd amount of Android Tablets out there? They’re not doing so well either. Honestly, not one of these tablets actually stand out. The Samsung Tablet so far looks like the most promising one but the rest don’t really show as much flash.

Microsoft is working on their tablet solution but they might not probably hit the market until 2012.

What makes the iPad successful? Simplicity. Apple loves to dumb down technology. Thats not a bad thing. Apple makes products that even your grandma could use. Simple and no fuss. Thats what the iPad is. A homescreen with a grid of apps and thats it.

I have nothing against the iPad but I’m sick of seeing it everywhere. I love variety especially in the tech world. Before I go on, let me just state that I’m not really a big fan of tablets. But if tablets are the new thing, I would love to more variety of companies with different tablets. Android Tablets looks good but many say it seems unfinished and not mature yet. The HP TouchPad has potential but it is also unfinished. Microsoft looks like it could have something on their hands with Windows 8 but it all depends if it can execute well and how long before it hits the market (Fall 2012?)

So this is my plea to tech companies: Please make better tablet products. I and some people want some competition. Having a goliath like Apple and its iPad rule the market is not really cool. iPad is a cool device so why aren’t you stepping up to challenge it?

Here’s hoping you step up to bat and produce competition in the tablet marketplace.



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