Steve Jobs: Master Visionary

If you haven’t heard the news, Steve Jobs has officially handed in his letter of resignation as CEO of Apple. This is huge news in the tech world.

I’ve always said Steve Jobs was one of the best tech “salesmen” in the tech community. Steve could sell you a Macbook on a desert island. He was that good. And it has shown especially when you look at the growth of Apple.

I’ve never been a fanboy of Apple nor have I been a hater of Apple. This company is the most intriguing company I have ever seen. Sometimes I view Apple not as a tech company but rather a religious cult. Everything Steve Jobs seemed said was law and when a product was released, people would camp in line for days just to buy it.

I’ve never understood it. It still baffles me to this day. I find it odd and very peculiar. But perhaps that was the wonder of Steve Jobs. I don’t think I have been interested in watching a company’s keynote than an Apple keynote. Steve Jobs was a great speaker and he knew how to sell his products on stage. When Apple had a keynote, it was big news whether you liked it or not.

Love him or hate him, you have the man credit where he’s dude. He turned Apple around. For a while, different companies tried to get the “smartphone” thing right. Steve Jobs comes in and he sells us the iPhone. It wasn’t a “PC” phone that Microsoft tried to sell with Windows Mobile but rather a phone in which kids, parents and even old people could pick up and learn within minutes. It was not complicated and that’s why everyone bought it. Thats what I liked about Steve Jobs and the products he ushered in: Simplicity. The next step was easy: The iPod Touch. All he had to do was remove the phone capabilities of the iPhone and market it as a music/video device with apps and it worked.

Even with Macbooks. I’ve always shouted to the high heavens that Macbooks were way too expensive and always wondered why people still shelled out big money for them. Was it loyalty? Perhaps. But actually, it was the fact that people were actually paying premium for a great solid product. A product that was well-built, had a great battery life and had an OS which was fluid and not complicated.

Then came the iPad which till this day I view as a giant iPhone. But you know, it doesn’t really matter because it works. If you’re ever used an iPhone and you started using an iPad, the learning curve was basically non existent. It still had a grid of apps and still had swiping back and forth feature to view the next page of apps. But Apple gave developers tools to not just make giant iPhone apps, but to take advantage of the technology inside the iPad to make great apps. That is why till this day, the iPad is still the tablet most would prefer.

Like I said before, you have to give Steve Jobs his due credit. He hired people to make these successful products and gave his input and he saw his products going forward. He made word “smartphone” synonymous with iPhone and the word “tablet” with iPad. He made it difficult for competitors to have an advantage because when consumers think “tablet”, most would automatically think “iPad”.

Like when Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft, it was a sad day in the tech world. Today, Steve Jobs did the same, and we once again, “mourn” in a techy way.

My first smartphone was an iPhone. Great product from a great guy with vision. His loyalists, the Apple fanboys (and girls) can be pretty vicious when it comes to Apple products and in some ways, this sort of made me have a slight negative feel about Apple sometimes. Even the new iPhone commercials with the tagline “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone” have a sort of “elitist” feel to it especially when you don’t own an iPhone.

But regardless of how you feel about Apple, there’s no denying that Steve Jobs was a major disruptor in the tech world. It’s sometimes appalling when I look at other tech companies who at least don’t try to take a cue from Apple on how to design and sell products. Go ask Palm/HP and how they feel about their TouchPads which failed miserably. When Apple products hit the shelves, they were ready to go and never had that “beta” feel to them.

I can do nothing but tip my hat to Steve Jobs. He had great vision for his company. He turned them around when it seemed like they were down. Apple is a goliath and that’s all thanks to Steve Jobs. I wish we had more Steve Jobs in the tech world. Apple is going to do fine without Steve Jobs and I see no reason why Apple can’t continue to dominate although it will be a little different if Steve Jobs is not doing keynotes anymore.

My thanks Steve for a great job well done. I wish you happy health and good luck in your future endeavors.

PS: One more thing: Could you please make iTunes less insufferable? Thanks. Cheers


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