What Will The Future Of Personal Computers Look Like

A great blog post by Business Insider (link) really got me thinking: What DOES the future of Personal Computing look like?

From that Business Insider post, it seems most of the people who were interviewed seemed to be leaning towards a world filled with “tablets” and some see PCs become more like mobile devices. I agree with the latter. I’m on my laptop constantly in my apartment. It’s portable, has good battery life and gets majority of the job done.

Someone in the Business Insider post said that he believes that the PC will be gone in 5 years which I completely disagree with. It seems most people are thinking with their “consumer” mind and failing to look at the “business” side. That is, what about the computers which business people use in their offices? Is everybody going to be walking around with tablets and smartphones at work? In 5 years, will tablets be able to achieve the computing power of today’s laptops and desktop PCs? I just can’t see it. I don’t see big companies like Exxon going with tablets for their business.

I do see most households leaving behind Desktop PCs and going more mobile with tablets, smartphones and laptops. Most tablets still can’t do a lot. I see more people using their tablets to play games, read email and use apps. What about the big graphical games? Can it do an Excel spreadsheet? The keyboard is not good enough to write long worded pieces. One can buy the keyboard accessory to make typing a better experience but why not just buy a laptop instead?

In my opinion, I see the future of PCs being the Macbook Air added with some kind of cloud computing. Macbook Airs are the most mobile laptops and they have a great battery life and instantly turn on when opened. Google had a great idea with Google Chrome OS chrome. The idea of always having your data stored in the cloud and accessible even when your laptop dies. I think a combination of the Macbook Air along with some kind version of Google Chrome OS sounds like the future. Microsoft has been rumored to making some sort of clouding feature like that built into Windows 8. It should be interesting to see what they see at their BUILD event in September.

Concerning cloud computing, many say it hasn’t yet been proved which is true. But I can see it being around in 5 years and having some sort of effect with the future of PCs.

So what does the future of PCs look like? Hard to tell if one is to be honest. Some said netbooks were the future (Something I seriously disagreed with!). Everybody is leaning towards the “iPad” look. Some say more of a “mobile” PC future. Who knows. Maybe, we would have achieved virtual keyboards in 5 years. All I can say is that the future seems pretty bright. You never know what type of new technology could emerge but I for one can’t wait to see what happens….


4 thoughts on “What Will The Future Of Personal Computers Look Like

  1. omg! cant wait for the future inshallah technology just gets even better by the day want the laptop noooooooooooooooowwwwwwww!!!!! 🙂 ❤

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