Windows 8: This Is What Microsoft’s Future Looks Like

Credit is where credit is due. I have to give props to Microsoft for this one. Their long-term strategy makes a lot of sense.

Before I officially begin this post, let me say this: People in the tech “blogosphere” are terrible at assessing things. Everybody sees short-term and doesn’t look at things from an objective view. Frankly, thats bad because their readers actually agree with their opinions which are kind of misguided.

Back to the issue at hand: Microsoft showed off what the future of Windows will look like. I say you have to give Microsoft credit because it makes sense when you see what they are doing. Look at their mobile OS, Windows Phone. Look at the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard and now look at the upcoming Windows 8. What stands out: They all look the same in terms of UI and this is a great thing. This is unification and synergy. Look at Apple and see what they’re doing. They’re doing the exact same thing with the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Thats what making them very successful. The transition from the iPhone to the iPad is so simply. There is no learning curve and users like that. Thats exactly what Microsoft is doing. When you look at the Metro UI, its going to be everywhere on all their products. Its going to be on the Xbox, on tablets, on slate devices and on phones. I think that is a good strategy.

I’m actually glad Microsoft didn’t actually release a separate touch OS and went full integration. Makes more sense. Google’s plan seems to be to merge everything together but there’s a lot of fragmentation, it might take time. Apple is gradually going there with the release of Lion. But Microsoft seems to have beaten both to the punch by getting there first. (Well technically, not until next year)

The only problem standing in Microsoft’s path is time. Windows 8 isn’t likely to hit full retail till fall 2012. We’re just getting some pre-beta and probably beta before full release. What is the competition going to do next year? Is Apple going to improve their OS experience along with good hardware? What about android? Are they going to get their act together and fully give users a OS that finally feels complete.

Microsoft is kind of in a different circle. Microsoft is just releasing a separate OS which has touch experience. They are releasing a new OS to the masses which includes a touch experience.

Total sidenote for this post: I officially hate fanboys. Sometimes I just want a critical look at a product but no we have to get an “Android vs Microsoft vs Apple” war. Its like a politically debate. Frankly, it disgusts me that some people who are vocal in the tech community won’t look at things from an objective view without injecting their obvious fanboyism into the topic. So grow up…


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