60,000 Tweets Later And I Was Wrong About The Demise Of Social Media

I was wrong.

I thought that the whole “social media” thing would not be as big as it was today. I thought it would trend for a while and then flame out and we would all look for something else to play with. But the opposite happened.

I signed up for Facebook when I was a freshman at college. At that time, Facebook was only restricted to people who went to university. It eventually opened up to everyone.

I signed up for Twitter back in December 2011. My girlfriend at the time told me about this platform when she would see “tweets” on CNN. One of the news anchors was really into it before it exploded into what it is now.

140 Characters? Who would read this? What’s the point?

Those were the things I was thinking about at the time. I didn’t get it. At that time, I was using Tweetdeck but it wasn’t really active.

My Facebook account was active but I thought it was boring too. Nothing much happened on that end. I then wrote a blog post about my predictions for next year (2012). I said social media would go down the drain. People would get tired and stop caring.

Then something happened and I saw the value of social media.

In 2012, the Arab Spring was in full action. Protestors were organizing via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. The media was getting more and more information from Twitter and Facebook. The media was getting all their information from these social media platform.

I started following some accounts associated with the Arab Spring. Then I started following news organizations. Soon enough, I had a stream of information coming at me on my Tweetdeck.

Fast Forward and I’ve got lots of followers on Twitter (probably bots) and I’ve sent more than 60,000 tweets.

I get everything from Twitter: Breaking News, live blogs links from tech events, leaked information for future gadgets, Sports news, memes, gifs……

Everyday I learn something new. It’s great. Of course, you get that fake twitter account from a prominent figure who tweets out false information. And then you get the celebrity on Twitter who tweets out something he/she probably shouldn’t have said which gets later deleted and an explanation saying he or she was hacked.

Then there’s public companies who also get into trouble for terrible tweets (I’m looking at you Delta!)

All in all, the spread of information is quick and accessible. Twitter is the first place I learned that they shot Osama Bin Laden.

All in all, I was wrong about social media.

More and more things develop on social media than on TV and regular media. Something happens, everybody runs to social media to find out if its true. Sports events take on a whole different level when you follow on Twitter and Facebook. The just ended World Cup event was probably the best sports event to happen this year because of Twitter.

So, I’m sorry I doubted you social media. You’re cool.

We’re cool right? Awesome.


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