Early Impressions: Slydepay

Note: This is the iOS review. Slydepay was reviewed on an iPhone 5.

It looks like the mobile payment competition is heating up.

Here comes SlydePay (formally iWallet), a mobile application making mobile payments easy in Ghana. I already reviewed ExpressPay and I thought I’d see what its competition looks like. So let’s see what we have.

First of, Slydepay comes with a bit more features than ExpressPayGh inlcuding the option to make payment at retail shops via the app. I’d say that it puts it a bit ahead of ExpressPayGh in this regard.

Back to the application itself, sign up was really easy. Just fill out the application and then just verify your account and you’re good to go. Just sign up and you’re ready to go.


When you sign up, you get a simple dashboard which tracks all your activity. It’s a bit bland but that’s fine. Maybe in the next update, we might get some new features like analytics or something.

The Slydepay app has the following features/menu options:

  1. Adding Money to your account
  2. Paying for items at retailers
  3. Buying Mobile Credit and internet service

If there is a feature on theSlydepay application which I love, I have point out the security detail when you relaunch the app.

Most apps usually resume their processes when you hit the home button and then go right back to the screen you were in. With Slydepay, it’s a bit different. After you’ve signed into the app and hit the home button, you have to input your secret code whenever you relaunch the app. It may seem annoying but I feel like it’s a nice touch that goes a long way. Don’t want anybody just buying stuff on my phone left and right!



Let’s go more in depth with what you can do with this application:

Adding Money

Slypepay gives you a wide range of options for adding money to your account. You can use Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, Speedbanking Voucher and Tigo Cash, and VISA.

Airtel Money seems like an easy process to go through. Just add the amount and hit send. Seems easy enough.

For MTN Money and Tigo Cash, it gets a bit trickier. It appears you have to initiate the process from the MTN or Tigo mobile money points before the amount shows up on the app. It kind of defeats the purpose. It wouldn’t surprise me if the mobile networks are hindering that access. Hopefully in the future, the process becomes a bit more fluid and easier.

Adding money from my bank account/VISA card was an easy process. I just input my card number, verified it and voila, money on my account.

Retail Payment

Another feature on the Slydepay app is paying for items at retail stores. There’s two options to do this: Scanning a QR code or entering a paycode. NFC payment was not enabled on the iPhone. That might be an iOS problem because Apple has locked the NFC chip for Apple Pay. So if you want to use NFC payment with the Slydepay app, you’re better off using an Android phone.

I love features like this but unfortunately, I don’t know how much this could take off in Ghana. The climate is still more focused on cash payments especially when paying for items but it’s slowly improving. When we evolve into more of a cashless society, Slydepay will be in a great position to take advantage of retail mobile payments.

Mobile Credit/Internet Top Up

Another feature on the slydepay app is the ability to buy mobile credit. One of the cool features I loved on the ExpressPayGH was buying mobile credit. On the Slydepay app, you can buy credit for Glo, MTN, Tigo, Vodafone and Airtel.

You can also buy Surfline, Busyinternet and Cloud Ghana credit.


In comparison with Syldepay, I can say that ExpressPayGH has them slighly beat in terms of paying for services. With the exception of Glo for Mobile credit, ExpresspayGH has more services on their platform including Vodafone Internet Services, Hotels, SOS High School, DSTV and GOtv.

But one extra thing that Slydepay has, is the ability to send money to another person with the Slydepay app.

I’ve noticed some features which were present on the Android app and not on the iOS app. For instance, there’s no NFC option for iOS (Apple’s fault)

Also, the “Money Story” feature, which allows you to track your money activity, which is featured on Android didn’t make it to iOS.


I’ve just used Slypepay for a couple of hours and I’m already liking what I’m seeing. I’ve been waiting for the DreamOval team to release an iOS app and they finally did.

Adding money via VISA wasn’t too hard but I found the process a bit more easier on ExpressPayGh. I actually had to wait for a couple of payments to be debited from my account and then input those amounts to verify the card. Yeah, I understand the security behind it but an average user might not.

I also loved the UI of the app. Calm background color, recognizable icon, simple menu layout. A+

I have yet to try out the payment in retail stores. That should be an interesting experiment.

All in all, I like what I’m seeing. The more influx of apps like Slydepay and ExpresspayGh, the quicker the evolution of a cashless society in Ghana.


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