ExpressPay GH: Online Payment Done Right

Ever since I moved back home to my home country, I have missed doing a lot of things in my university days. The whole concept of going online to virtually pay for everything was great.

Hungry and too lazy to cook? Let me just order a large pizza online and get it delivered to my apartment in 30 minutes?

Need to go product X by the end of the week? I’ll just go on Amazon and buy it and get it express shipped in the next 3 days

To me, all that was heaven. But since coming back, I’ve had to do a lot of things manually. Some things are gradually being put online but a majority of services are still accomplished by physically going to an office building to pay for whatever you need.

But I have found a little peace in a website called

For my data plan on my phone, I basically have to buy “credit” and use some of it to bundle data. I’m a heavy user when it comes to using data on my smartphone. So most of the time, I run out of credit and find myself having to walk outside my home to find vendors to buy credit.

But that’s not the case anymore. I just get the expressgh app on my phone, I log in, select the service and the amount I want to pay, use my credit card details and just hit submit and voila! Instant credit. And it all takes less than 5 minutes.

The expresspaygh website itself has a variety of other services to choose from and pay for. Why aren’t there more websites like this?! I need more stuff like this ASAP.

Services You Can Pay For With ExpressPayGH


Services (continued)

Of course, online payments require use of a credit card or some other form of payment which doesn’t include cash.

It’s something that needs to be promoted more. As the world evolves, use of cash is diminishing. Cashless is the way to go.

I recommend it if you’re like me and want to do most of your stuff online.

I hope we get more sites like this. It’s about time we got most of our business done online. I already started and I hope ExpressPayGH gets more services up and running so I get majority of my stuff done online.


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