BusyInternet Rebrands, Launches 4G LTE Network

I remember how much I used to visit the BusyInternet cafe just to browse the net. It was cheap, the cafe was nicely designed and spacious and lastly,  it was fast!

Fast forward and the competition is heating up. At every corner is a internet cafe and the telecom companies like MTN and Vodafone offer internet services at some convenient prices for consumers.

Ghana also has 4G operators like Surfline GH and Blu Ghana who offer 4G devices and bundles for consumers.

BusyInternet, in the face of this new internet revolution has rebranded itself. Now called Busy, the company offers 4G internet service in Accra and Tema.

This is exciting news. Competition is always good especially for the end consumer. Ghana already has 4G operators with the likes of SurflineGH and Blu Ghana being the top name brands. Surfline Gh has been losing steam lately. Their prices are still high and many consumers complaining of quick consummation of their data bundles. Blu Ghana also hasn’t really made itself a great alternative.

With Busy entering the 4G market with competitive prices, expect the competition to come up with offers to keep their existing customer base happy.

I’ll be reviewing Busy’s 4G internet service soon. We’ll see how it takes on the competition. Stay tuned.


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