To Infinity & Beyond? Surfline GH Launches *Unlimited* Data Bundles

Well, looks like Surfline Gh decided to up the ante by launching its new *unlimited* data bundle today. Since the launch of Busy’s new 4G internet, it looks like the competition might have gotten to Surfline and they’re retaliating with a new data bundle.

Now, let’s not get carried away. There’s a reason why I’m writing *unlimited* with an asterisk. Most service providers LOVE to sell customers on the idea of getting *unlimited* data. But once you start reading the terms and conditions, that’s when the truth comes out.

So let’s see what this is all about. As well as launching it’s new *unlimited* data bundle, Surfline also launched an *unlimited* night bundle. Sounds very similar to Busy 4G’s data deal right?

Ok, so let’s read the fine print and see what customers are ACTUALLY getting.

Surfline 4G Unlimited Bundle Terms and Conditions:

This is the terms and conditions once you sign up for the new *unlimited* data bundle. Read carefully:

  • Customers will have unlimited access to the internet for thirty (30) days with a fair usage cap on volume of 50GB.

And this is where you see that you’re not actually getting *unlimited* data. Nope! You’re going to be capped at 50GB. So what happens when you exhaust that 50GB because you thought you were getting all the unlimited data you wanted? Just read the next point.

  • Customers who exhaust the allocated volume before the expiry of the offer, will continue to enjoy unlimited access to the internet at a deprioritized speed of 512kbps until their validity is due.

As you can see, you will get your speed throttled to 512kbps. Kind of sad. Just when you thought you were getting an unlimited stream of data, you find out that the pipe which was giving you limitless water is being constricted. So what else is the terms and conditions? Read on.

  • Customers who purchase the unlimited offer CAN ONLY purchase another bundle when they exhaust the allocated volume while the current unlimited offer is still valid.
  • Customers on this unlimited offer bundle CANNOT share their data with the bundle-sharing feature.
  • Customers CANNOT rollover any data when they are on the unlimited offer bundle.
  • Existing customers who are on the SURF bundles CANNOT enjoy this offer. They will have to migrate to the SURFPlus bundles to enjoy the benefits, and once migrated to the SURFPlus bundles, all rights and benefits under the SURF bundle is extinguished.

So there you go. Unfortunately, your *unlimited* Surfline is not really unlimited as you thought it was. Oh, let’s not forget about the “Unlimited Night Bundle”. That’s not so great either.

Surfline 4G Unlimited Night Bundle Terms and Conditions:

This is the terms and conditions once you sign up for the new *unlimited* night data bundle. Read carefully:

  • Customers on this offer will enjoy unlimited access to the internet from midnight (00:00:00) till morning 06:00:00am at a capped speed of 1Mbps.

Capped. 1 Mbps. Midnight to 6am. Sorry folks, Surfline’s night time is NOT from 7pm to early morning. Unless you’re a night owl and don’t sleep till the early AM, you’re not going to get the best deal. Plus, you’re going to be capped. The rest of the terms and conditions are as follows.

  • Existing customers on the SURF bundles can only enjoy the benefits of this offer when they migrate to the SURFPlus bundles.
  • Note that customers on the SURF bundles who migrate to this offer would lose all their benefits and will no longer have access to their old plans.
  • When a customer is in a session before midnight (00:00:00) and stays connected past midnight, at midnight (00:00:00) the priority of use would be switched to the unlimited night plan. This means that the customers paid data will not be charged till 06:00:00am.
  • Customers can purchase this bundle as a main and standalone bundle which may be purchased like any other SURFPlus bundle. In this case, the only active bundle will be the Unlimited Night bundle, allowing customers to have access to the internet only from midnight (00:00:00) till morning 06:00:00am.
  • Customers who already have an existing SURFplus bundle can also purchase this bundle. Note that both bundles will have different expiry dates.

So, what’s does this mean in the end?

It’s simple. Surfline’s marketing and tech team got today to see how to entice customers and they came up with this *unlimited* data package which is not actually unlimited. *Unlimited* is just a nice marketing buzz word to get people to buy. It works most of the time because people don’t bother to read terms and conditions and just click “YES”.

But I don’t blame Surfline. Competition is heating up and they’re trying new ways to get new customers and keep existing customers. This type of *unlimited* data packages is done by many internet providers so I can’t say Surfline is the first to do this type of deal.

Should you sign up for this deal?


Well, you pay 299GHC for 50GB of data for the *unlimited* package. The regular 50GB is 499GHC. In all honesty, this is actually good. You get a 200GHC discount for 50GB.

The *unlimited* night bundle is not really a good deal for 99GHC unless you don’t sleep at night.

Until Surfline raises its data cap to about 100GB or 200GB, don’t consider this deal to be unlimited. Vodafone’s Broadband internet is 250GB for 200GB which is actually the best deal if you don’t fancy 4G LTE.

So which 4G network is going to customers actual unlimited data? Don’t hold your breath. Just watch out for the data caps. 100GB or 200GB for data caps is what you’re actually looking for.

Don’t buy the *unlimited* hype.



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