Tech Reviews & Online Content

If you’re in the market for an electronic gadget or equipment and you need a review or an opinion of said device, where exactly do you go?

One thing that you notice in Ghana when it comes to electronics, is that people don’t necessarily “review” devices before they buy them. Most people walk into an electronics store, see a device that looks nice and sometimes buy it.

Most nerds like me need to do research first. We need opinions about the device, the specifications, price points and other factors before we make the choice on buying a device.

But unfortunately, there’s not a lot of places to go online and check out devices before you make a decision to buy them. I for one always go online and look at reviews for devices on tech blogs and Youtube. But I’m not really seeing reviews for devices when it comes to the local market. Wouldn’t you like to see reviews for a Samsung Galaxy Phone and how it runs on MTN or Vodafone? Wouldn’t you like to see the price points for a device from all electronic stores in the city wouldn’t you necessarily driving around town?

Yeah me too! But there doesn’t seem to be a lot of online content for that in Ghana.

But I think there should be something like that. I’m trying to do that with this blog. I’m trying to write reviews on electronics and software and give you an opinion about something you might want to purchase. I’ve written reviews for Surfline 4G, Busy 4G, and Ghana’s first NerdCon. I’m trying to get my hands on devices to review but it’s not easy. Companies aren’t exactly willing to give bloggers in Ghana device units for tech reviews.

But I want to start that. It’s long overdue for online content and device reviews for people in Ghana. I want to write content that gives electronic shoppers perspective on the device or software they’re purchasing.

So I’m looking for partners or fellow bloggers who might want to start that. I think it would be a great project which could turn into something bigger.

I’m going to try and review more devices and services when it comes to tech in Ghana. Hopefully I can keep up and this trend catches on.

Next month, I hope to review Zipnet’s internet service. I’ve already started the trend of internet service reviews and Zipnet is now in my scope. So watch this space for that review.




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