Rise Of Virtual Workspaces In Ghana? Workshed Wants To Start A Conversation

Getting a space to set up an office can be a bit cumbersome sometimes. If you’re start up company and want to get an small office space, you might have to have blow out your budget just for an affordable office space.

Landlords charge a year’s rent for a space and you might not have the cash on you on that time.

In the US, virtual office spaces are common. It’s basically a pay as you go service as you occupy an office space. A great example is wework.com. They’re a company which offers office space for rent by the hour and even offer memberships.

So what about Ghana? Why aren’t we jumping into the virtual office game? We have a small but growing tech start up community. Some are cash strapped and can’t afford a years rent for office space. Seems to me like there’s a market for virtual offices.

There are a couple of virtual office spaces popping up and I had an opportunity to visit one. Their name is Workshed and they are located at 47 Nungua Link Road, Second Floor, Baatsona, Spintex Road, Accra. They are starting a coworking space and also provide a private space to clients to use.

One thing I noticed immediately about the space upon entering the building was the design. The furniture was very pretty. All wood tables and wood chairs. Even the pillars was fashioned with wood. It all felt nature. One side of the room was painted blue and gave  off a very calm setting.

Workshed was started by a bunch of guys from Ashesi. (Let me just pause here and say that Ashesi is really putting out graduates with innovative ideas. I mean, that school is a beacon of hope in this country. Total game changers.)

Yeah, so these young guys seem to be following the path of WeWorks and I think it’s a great idea. If they are successful, they could start a conversation about virtual offices and hopefully, more people will take up the idea about virtual offices and do away with the whole one year rent for an office space.

My company is hoping to work with them in the near future. From what I’ve seen and the short conversation I had with them, I can say that I see potential with this business plan. It’s up to the Ghanaian community to embrace this new concept.

I for one hope the community embraces this and spreads this idea around.


Check out Workshed at www.workshed.com


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