Are Companies Not Fully Utilizing Technology For Better Customer Service?

On April 6 2016, I filled out on online application to get Vodafone broadband internet at a residence I’m staying in.

The date is now May 9, 2016. I haven’t got a response or feedback about the status of the installation of broadband at my home. I sent the Vodafone twitter account a specific direct message about how long it normally takes for broadband to be installed. I was given a link to Vodafone’s website. I would have liked a specific answer to my question but nevertheless I visited the site and saw that it should have taken about 13 days to get internet installed.

By my calculation, the time between April 6 and May 9 is way over 13 days.

I don’t care anymore because I’m tired of companies like Vodafone being shitty with customer feedback and service.

But at least Vodafone actually answered my Twitter query.

Other companies are worse off. They don’t even bother to reply to your twitter questions. So what’s the point of setting up a Twitter or even Facebook account when you don’t reply to your customers in a timely fashion.

In today’s world, almost everybody has a smartphone with a Twitter or Facebook account. Customers would prefer to interact with companies online than drive through ridiculous traffic or even talk on the phone to customer service.

So why are some companies awful at customer service online? I have a few assumptions:

1. Copy, Copy, Copy


Some companies basically see other companies having a Twitter or Facebook link and then go ahead and set one up for themselves. Unfortunately, they never really have full time staff to be in charge of these accounts. Social media managers are slowly emerging in this social media age. If you’re a company and want to put on social media accounts, you better consider hiring people to manage these accounts.

2. Technology Dinosaurs


I think some managers at some of these customers are old school. Technology has overtaken them and they don’t realize how having customer service solve problems for their clients online can be very effective.

When I was in college, I remember interacting with Microsoft’s Xbox twitter to fix a problem I was having with my Xbox gaming console. The problem with solved within 30 minutes. I didn’t make a phone call to talk to anyone over the phone. My problem was solved within  the comfort of my apartment.

3. Lack of Tech Guys In Charge of Customer Service?

Every time I call Vodafone customer service to complain about my internet service being down, I can tell that they’re reading from a script whenever they try to solve my problem. So what happens when my problem falls out of the scope of their script? They report it to their Tech guys.

So I’m wondering whether it would be better if I spoke to the tech guys first to help solve my problem. Maybe they should also put the tech guys in charge of their twitter accounts….

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Online Chat on company websites….just a few tools that companies can use to help customers resolve their problems online.

So why can’t I trust companies to do that? Or is customer service in Ghana beyond saving? Can’t companies in Ghana fully utilize technology and software to resolve customer complaints and problems quicker and more efficient?

That’s a question for the companies to answer.

Customer service in Ghana is still crap. Performance of services is piss poor and resolution to customer’s problems are partially resolved or not resolved at all.

So, is technology the savior for poor customer service? I think so. But I don’t think most customers realize that.


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