MTN Ghana Is Ready To Roll Out Mobile 4G LTE

When Surfline rolled out 4G LTE in Ghana, I was one of the first in line to test it out. Best believe it did not disappoint. The service was really good and customer service was surprisingly excellent. At one point, I hoped Surfline would quickly deploy 4G LTE for smartphones.

Then last year in December, MTN won a $68 million bid to begin 4G LTE service in Ghana. That was a game changer.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 8.31.54 PM

MTN is now going to be the one of first telecom network to rollout mobile 4G LTE service to it’s customers.

An interesting question to ask: Will they offer other 4G services and equipment like wireless dongles and 4G wireless routers? If so, Surfline is going to have some serious competition on their hands and best believe, MTN is going to be gunning for the crown.

Another interesting question to ask: Can the average user afford 4G LTE on their smartphones?

When Surfline launched, you could say the prices were a bit on the high side given that the technology was relatively new and certainly, Surfline had to recoup it’s 4G infrastructure investment.

But with MTN, they could easily subsidize the price to make it affordable for almost anyone to use 4G. But will the price of purchases bundles be relatively cheaper.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 8.31.54 PM

Buying an MTN weekly bundle for about 300MB will run you about 5GHC. A monthly bundle pack with run you about 10GHC for 400MB and 20GHC for a 1GB. Will those prices double when you’re using 4G on MTN? Or will they remain the same?

A lot of questions and a lot to speculate.

We will just have to wait till June when MTN officially rolls out it’s 4G LTE network. Best believe, I’ll be there to give a review on MTN’s 4G network.

Stay tuned.


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