Fixing Public Transportation: MEST Partners With AMA For Trotro Challenge

  • Are you a developer with interests in data and development?
  • Do you have ideas that can transform Accra’s public transport system?
  • If you had access to data on 300+ well mapped trotro routes / networks in Accra, what would you do with it?

If you think you have willing and capable, then maybe you might be interested in the above questions posed by MEST.


Meltwater Entrepreneur School of Technology (MEST), Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and the French Agency for Development (FDA) are partnering to organize the Accra TroTro apps challenge on May 27-28.

The aim of this challenge is to bring together key players in Accra’s public transport sector and the technology ecosystem to brainstorm and develop solutions aimed at utilizing the rich data gathered on the TroTro routes in innovative ways and enhancing mobility in Accra.

I for one have never been a fan of Trotros. Seriously, if I was president, I would ban these weapons of mass destruction from our road sides. Unfortunately, because of our poor state of public transportation, it would good to try and innovate to find a solution on how to make trotro transport better for both drivers and passengers in the mean time.

So if you’re interested in this challenge, you can go to the link below for more details:

OR if you have a billion dollars and just want to come to Ghana and build us a light rail system, that would be great as well 😊


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