Windows Phone is Dead, RIP Lumia

Some news from international waters. Today, Microsoft announced layoffs from their phone division. Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft sold off their feature phone division. With today’s news, Microsoft is seemingly announcing that their phone division is dead. So if you’re a Windows Phone fan, you should be in mourning today.

This should come as no surprise given the fact that Microsoft has been rapidly losing marketshare to both Apple and Google. Windows Phone marketshare currently stands below 1% [CNET]

I was a fan of Windows Phone. I thought it was different OS when it first hit the market. I loved its home screen which was very stimulating and always showing updates in its tiles. It was a welcome change from iOS and Android.

But Microsoft really dropped the ball when it came to stocking up on popular apps like Snapchat and Instagram in its app store. Instagram just recently updated its app on the Windows Phone store. Great, now only if they had Snapchat. After all, its what all of the cool kids have on their phones.

Even Windows Phone 10 which was supposed to come out and be a comeback for Windows Phone got delayed when it was supposed to launch. Now they are rumors of a “Surface Phone”. With Microsoft announcing these layoffs today, a Microsoft Surface Phone might be something of a pipe dream now.


It’s truly disappointing. I feel the same way about the demise of Windows Phone when Microsoft announced that they were killing their Zune HD music player. (FYI, I had a Zune HD and I loved it)

As it goes now, there are now two major phone players in the game: Apple and Google. iOS vs Android.

Microsoft said they will continue to support current Windows Phones on the market but how long will consumers hold on to their Windows Phones.

As of this point, I am in Android’s corner. With Android N around the corner with new features and updates and a bunch of phone manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei producing great handsets, you might be better off with an Android phone.


Of course there is iOS too but honestly, Apple’s design standards have been going down a bit. But that’s a debate for another day.

Goodbye Windows Phone. Goodbye Lumia.

Now that Microsoft is seemingly out of the mobile space, what’s next for them?




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