No Internet For You: Vodafone Continues Its Streak Of Poor Customer Service

This is another entry of how bad Vodafone and many other service providers are.

At this point, I might as just wallow in this misery.

So let’s start:

Firstly, I wanted to get broadband service at a new area I moved into. I was at the mall and decided to dip into the Vodafone office and ask how I could get broadband. I was told that I needed to apply online.

No problem! I love doing stuff online. I got home, applied online by filling in my name, address and pin pointing my home on Google Maps on their online application. I finished up and submitted my application. That was on April 4th.

Now, on Vodafone’s support page, the time stated for installation of broadband for residential is 13 days.

Or I think it’s 13 days… I couldn’t tell because this is a poorly written support page in the first place.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 7.23.04 PM

13 days is not bad. So I waited.

And waited…and waited…and waited.

I hadn’t gotten any feedback from Vodafone so I went to the askVodafone twitter page and asked how long these installations would take. I was given the link to the support page. So basically, I was given a none answer.

Thanks Vodafone twitter page! (this is sarcasm by the way)

So again, I waited…and waited…and eventually, I gave up. I gave up on the chance of getting broadband internet in my home.

But fear not! Vodafone finally responded! Just a mere 6 weeks after I applied.

I got a text message today on May 26th. The message went like this:

“Dear customer, Vodafone is unable to provide you fixed broadband service use to network unavailability in your area. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

So after 6 weeks of no feedback or response, Vodafone finally tells me they can’t take my money in order to provide me with broadband internet.

So basically, Vodafone couldn’t look at a map and confirm if they had network availability in my area. Did it have to take them 6 weeks to confirm that?!

Listen, this is getting tiring. This slow and terrible customer service that these service providers think they are providing is getting old. At this point, I should look for a lawyer and sue for emotionally distress.

Where should I look now for a company which delivers good service and excellent customer service? I don’t think that exist in Ghana. I’m better off with finding a unicorn in the Sahara desert.

Thanks for your help Vodafone! Once again, you’re providing that you are in the trash when it comes to helping customers get great good enough service.

Get better at doing your job!




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