Surfline Wants You To “Surfline & Chill” With New Video Bundle

I don’t know if Surfline was reading my recent blog post because it seems like they just unveiled a new data bundle package called “Video Bundle”.

So what exactly is this new Video Bundle? Apparently, Surfline is offering customers the chance to buy their new bundle for 99 GHC for 25GB (valid for 30 days). But what’s special about this is that this new package allows customers to stream unlimited videos from favourite streaming services without using a drop of their main data balance.

Wait, really? Are you really going to get the chance to stream “unlimited”? Haven’t we seen that before? (See:Surfline “Unlimited” Package)

Customers will get the option to stream from services for free. Some of those services include Netflix, DSTV and Supersport. Surfline says they will be adding more services in the future.

So, is this really “unlimited” as Surfline is claiming or is there some throttling of internet speed involved like their Unlimited Package? Customers do get 25GB and Surfline claims this data will only be charged when you use services that aren’t on the list of streaming services they have listed.

If this is legit and Surfline is really offering unlimited streaming for services like Netflix, maybe Ghanaians might be finally able to Netflix and Chill after all.

Find out more information about Surfline’s new Video Bundle on their FAQ page here.






2 thoughts on “Surfline Wants You To “Surfline & Chill” With New Video Bundle

  1. Actually, it’s not ‘unlimited’.
    You buy a special add-on bundle, the Video Pack, for GH¢99, which allows you to stream 25GB worth of video from Surfline-approved services (DSTV, Netflix). When the 25GB is exhausted, that’s the end of streaming. You can, however, buy multiple 25GB video packs, and you can rollover leftover data allowance to the next month by topping up.

    And you can buy the 25GB Video Pack as a separate add-on to your regular data (e.g. the 12GB at GH¢75 ), because your regular internet browsing, whatsapp etc will be drawn from the regular data.

    The answers to the Video Bundles FAQ ( are conflicting, see the promise of “unlimited” streaming at No. 7, versus the firm “25 GB cap” at No. 8. Had to call up support for clarification.

    1. Yep! It’s not “unlimited”. Its just a nice marketing trick that some companies use. You have to read the fine print sometimes to see the real details 🙂

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