I Hate The “New” Instagram

Count me in as one of those who is not in love with the new Instagram. I’m not talking about the new logo. I think the new logo is OK. Eventually, everyone gets used to logo changes.

I’m not talking about the new logo. I’m referring to that new algorithm that Instagram is using to sort the timeline feed.

If you don’t know, Instagram is using some sort of software which sorts out your pictures to show you the popular pictures that they think you’ll be interested in. Just think about it like your Facebook feed. Facebook shows you the “Top Stories” first when you log in. But unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t give you the option of sorting your timeline out by “Most Recent”.

I’m not a fan of that feature. Why take away the option of what I want to see?

Now when I go into my Instagram feed, I see pictures of someone’s account and pictures that I’m not really interested in.

Yeah, I know my friend got married and they posted pictures on Instagram but that shouldn’t be the first 10 pictures in my feed!

I know some of you are saying that I should use the “notification” option to get the pictures I want to be notified of. I say, give me the option to showing “Recent” pictures.

Enough with the algorithm stuff. You don’t know what I want to see. Knock it off Instagram.

Yes, I’m talking to you too Twitter. Don’t try to do the same and show me only top Tweets. I like my Twitter timeline the way it is. Keep the “What You Missed” tweets feature. That’s working right now. Perhaps Instagram can borrow that feature and stop using this new algorithm that I hate.

I like changes. But sometimes, change is not necessary. If it’s not broke, don’t use an algorithm to fix it.


One thought on “I Hate The “New” Instagram

  1. I though I was the only one who thought the new logo is ugly. I don’t even know why they changed it or who gave them the idea. It look really ugly.

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