Welcome To The Crazy World Of Pokemon Go!

If you haven’t heard, the world has been consumed by this new craze called Pokemon Go.

Wait…you don’t know what a Pokemon is? Never heard of it?

Well, if you weren’t around during the 90s, Pokemon is basically a game where players catch fictional creatures and battle other players to catch their Pokemon. The goal of Pokemon is to try and catch ALL the Pokemon. It was craze back in the day on a lot of Nintendo Gameboys.

Pokemon has remained relevant and now in 2016, it’s found a new place on smartphones and IT IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD!

Right now, you can download the app called Pokemon Go on your smartphone. It basically follows the concept of Pokemon on Gameboy but this time, you the player have to go out in the real world and catch Pokemon. Using your phone’s camera and GPS, you can be out in the real world, throwing virtual pokeballs at virtual pokemon that appear in your phone.


This sounds like a very basic concept but believe me, it’s blowing up real big! People are saying they are getting some nostalgia from playing this new game and some are saying the app is actually helping with their mental health (True story)

Others have also said that they are getting really good exercise from walking around to different locations trying to catch Pokemon.

Others have not been so fortunate. One girl actually found a dead body while outside searching for Pokemon. Other horror stories involve some people being robbed(!) at certain locations.

But there have also been funny stories. One guy said his Uber driver parked his car, got out and went to catch a Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is definitely one of those things that come along and have everyone joining in the fun and participating. There are some who are just following the trend and will eventually get bored and go do something else until something else trendy comes along.

Others will keep playing and reliving their childhoods. It’s something to temporally distract you from the reality of today’s world.

I am definitely going out today to catch some Pokemon during my walk. If you can’t beat’em, join’em and catch’em all.

You can download Pokemon Go on the App Store and Google Play Store


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