What Did I Miss: Uber Ghana Uses Local Taxis Now?

Sometimes I miss news in tech because I’m busy with a project. Apparently I missed something significant in the previous weeks: Uber Ghana now has local taxis on it’s services. From the feedback I see on Twitter, users are requesting for Uber cars and local taxis are showing up at their locations. People are NOT happy!

Here’s just a couple of tweets from people not happy when they request for Uber and Taxis show up:



It’s an interesting thing from what I’ve seen. From the couple of tweets above, it seems that the taxi drivers are just required to have a car that drives with a valid driving license. I

I think the public is kind of right when they say they’re not amused with getting picked up by taxi drivers. The reason people use Uber is to get a car in good shape, probably with AC and looking in nice and good condition. To get a taxi when you request for a car would not amuse me. If you keep reading tweets about Uber and Taxi drivers, you’ll read a lot of negativity.

Why not have a taxi option when requesting an Uber? Is this an experiment Uber is trying out with Taxi drivers? Does Uber not have enough drivers to meet the demand? I know I can never find an Uber driver in my area.

I’ll keep my eye on this.


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