There’s No Excuse For Not Securing Your Data In Today’s World

It seems there is a silent cyberwar going in and most people are not really concerned about it. If it’s not companies being hacked, it’s some other thing like malware, ransonware and getting your data stolen. But i’m going to go on about all that stuff. I’m just going to post about securing your personal data.

These days, there is simply no excuse for not backing up your data and securing your PC. Anything can happen. Accidents can happen where all the data you’re working could suddenly vanish.

Here’s my personal story: I had an unfortunate incident where someone broke into my home and stole my Macbook. I was upset and angry.

The only thing that made me feel like all was not lost was the fact that I knew my Macbook was password protected and I had backups of my most important files. So I knew if I got a back up laptop, I could still back up my data and continue working like I had lost nothing (except a very good and reliable Macbook computer)

So, here’s my little advice for making sure your data is protected:

1. Make Sure Your Device Is Password Protected


Surprisingly, people don’t have their computers password protected. It just surprises me whenever I see someone open their laptop and it just boots into the desktop. No login screen? Jeez.

Having to always type in your password whenever you open up your laptop can be annoying but it’s vital. If someone ever steals your computer or laptop, they have easy access to your files. Password protect your computer when close your laptop, when it goes to sleep and when you turn it on.

Sooner or later, you won’t even have to type in a password at all. You’ll soon just log in with your fingerprint, your cellphone or your iris. But for the meantime, use a password.

2. The Power Of The Cloud


You’re more than likely to have a Google or Microsoft account. Why not take advantage of their cloud back up solutions? You could use Google Drive to back up your most important files and documents. All you have to do is have put your files into the Google Drive folder and work from there. Google automatically syncs everything when you save any file in that folder. Or you could use Microsoft’s Onedrive or Dropbox. Just be aware of the space these providers give you. Google Drive and Onedrive give you 15GB of free space. Dropbox starts with 2GB but after some referrals, you can get up to 16GB of space. I have taken advantage of all these options and have TONS of pictures and documents saved online.

But what if you’re not always connected to the internet. Then your best bet is portable hard drives.

3. Good Old Fashioned Portable Hard drives


For the record, I have two portable drives. I have a 500GB and a 2TB drive. I made a copy of all my files and copied it to my 2TB drive last month. My 2TB stays at home and now I’m planning to back up monthly. I use my 500GB on the go and make regular copies of files while I work. I can then transfer it to my 2TB drive.

A bit of overkill? Maybe. But if you have an ever-growing list of documents and files that you regularly work with, having physical backups is not really a bad idea.

If you use a mobile device, I’d advise you to use a PIN or password to protect your device. Again, someone people don’t protect their device and just have it open. Thank God the new phone devices coming out are having fingerprint unlock options.

With it comes to the phone and the files on it, it’s likely the files you want backed up are your pictures. I would recommend Google Photos, whether its on Android or iPhone.

So yeah. Those are my tips for keeping your data safe. There’s no reason why theft or accidents have to stop you from keeping all your files and data safe.

Take care out there.



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