We Got Jacked: The iPhone 7 Proves to Still Be A Closed Up White Castle

If you have living under the a rock, let me catch you up to what happened yesterday:

Apple released it’s much anticipated iPhone 7. Without going into too much detail, here’s the basics you should know:

There are two iPhones: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 is 4.7 inch screen and the iPhone 7 Plus is 5.5 inche screen. The iPhone 7 has a 12 megapixel lens but the iPhone 7 Plus has two 12 megapixel lenses.


The Home button has changed. It now features a haptic feedback button. It means, you will get vibration feedback whenever you press the button.

Lastly, the biggest thing everything is talking about. The new iPhone 7 has no headphone jack. It has a lightening port instead. But what Apple is actually trying to sell to you is it’s new “AirPods“. It’s basically the Apple EarPods but this time, they’re wireless.

Apple AirPods

Over the new couple of weeks, there’s going to be a lot of debates about the iPhone 7 and it’s new features especially the Lightning port. But as most tech bloggers know, when the iPhone 7 is officially released, the Apple cult will line up like loyal soldiers and buy up everything.

But unless you have a lot of cash in the bank, this new iPhone 7 is going to cost you.

Thankfully, Apple is now selling the new iPhones at 32GB instead of that pathetic 16GB space. The bad news is that it’s going to cost $649.

So, if you want to go to Telefonika and buy that new iPhone, be prepared to pay at least 3,000 GHC or more (When you factor in cost of shipping, plus taxes)

Propriety Be Damned!

I have always had a beef with Apple and its devices.This new iPhone 7 irks me. I think the phone is actually pretty good. It’s a safe design, keeping the form factor from previous phones and improving its internal hardware and camera lenses. However, a lightning port?? Really Apple?!

I wrote about how the 3.5mm headphone jack would eventually be disappearing in new and upcoming smartphones and be replaced with USB-Type C ports. I though Apple would roll with this new port.

USB-Type C Port

But Apple doesn’t roll like that. Apple is the cool kid in school who will do what he wants. So instead of conforming, Apple decided to use it’s lightning cable and port for it’s devices.

Look, I’ve used a Macbook and never once did I use those silly lightning ports on that laptop.Unless you’re really going to live and die in the Apple ecosystem, you’re really going to be out of luck when it comes to Apple devices.

Just look at the stuff you have now. You probably have a bunch of old earphones lying around. Apple at least put in an adapter to still use your old earphones. But you also mostly have USB cables laying around. You jump into that Apple ecosystem and all those accessories are rendered useless.

Apple stuff is NOT cheap. A standard lightning will cost you 200GHC. Oh, and those new wireless iPhone 7 AirPods Apple is selling will cost you about $150. So you BETTER not lose them.

I’m not an Android fanboy but if you ask me, I’ll be looking forward to purchasing an up and coming Android smartphone than an iPhone. I just have more accessories which are more compatible with those devices now.

The new iPhone 7 comes out September 16. They’re probably be in Ghana soon after that date. If you’re really going to buy that device, you better know about all those propriety cables that you’ll need. Maybe you can afford it. If that’s the case, go for it.

If not. Don’t buy the iPhone 7. You could just wait a couple of months and buy the iPhone 7s. You already know the iPhone drill.

Or just buy something else. Save your money.


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