Accra Flash Flood Forecasting App Officially Released by NADMO

(You can now download the Accra Flash Flood Forecasting App on the Google Play store)

On Friday, I was invited to an event where the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) debuted their new Flash Flood Forecasting app.

Officially dubbed the Accra Flash Flooding Forecasting App (That’s a mouthful!)

The project was undertaken by NADMO in partnership with the United Nations Development Program. The app was developed to help forecast floods based on rain storm and hydrological models that were developed in the Netherlands. The app was developed in partnership between Royal HaskoningDHV, VIA Water3Di, Infoplaza and NADMO.

Accra has been experiencing floods almost every year during the rainy season for the past couple of years and last year was really catastrophic when flooding around a fuel station in Accra started caused an explosion which resulted in the unfortunate deaths of many individuals.

The government and NADMO took tons of criticism for their minor inactions in preventing these kinds of incidents. NADMO is hoping that this flood forecasting app will help in delivering early warnings to citizens in areas where floods are likely to occur.

It was an interesting presentation. We were shown a demostration of 3D models of how the app would detect flash flooding for areas in Accra on a virtual map. Thanks to satellite imaging technology, NADMO would be able to forecast how much rain would occur in a particular area and activate counter measures to secure the citizens of that area.

A video demo of the app is show below:

More details on the project can be found here: Accra Flash Flooding App Project

Even though the app was claimed to be released, I’m finding it hard to find it in the Google Playstore. I’ll keep checking when it’s released.

UPDATE: Found it! You can download the Accra Forecasting app on the Google Play store here




4 thoughts on “Accra Flash Flood Forecasting App Officially Released by NADMO

  1. Pardon me but I’m just thinking aloud here, but wouldn’t it be great to open up the code base for Ghanaian developers to contribute into making it better? Think of all the things you could do with hydrological models and sat imaging tech.
    Open source anyone ? :p

    1. Open source is definitely a good idea. I think the Satellite and Weather imagery technology is really good and if Ghanaian developers can leverage that and build something, it could be special. You could probably try and contact Nadmo or the developers behind this and have a meetup or something

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