Taxify: Just An Uber Clone Or A Real Competitor?

That was fast! Uber hasn’t been in the country for barely a year and there’s already competition.

Taxify is a transport and ride sharing app where users can request for rides and get dropped off at their locations.

Wait…That’s just Uber, isn’t it? So is Taxify basically Uber with a different logo and different colors?

Not really. Like all pioneers, you’re eventually going to get competition. When Uber came to the market, they were leading the way with their concepts. Eventually, a competitor came out in the form of Lyft. Then other companies came to market including Hailo and SideCar (who closed down recently).


Then, Taxify came to market. It was founded in Estonia and began expanding.

Now it looks like Taxify has reached the shores of Ghana, ready to take on Uber. The question is: Can they succeed?

Being the first to market has a lot of advantages. Lots of people probably think Uber is the only ride sharing app out there. Their brand name already puts them in the driver’s seat when it comes to ride sharing.

So what is Taxify going to do to stand out from Uber’s shadow? Uber already had a lot of fanfare when they launched. They had a bumpy start but they seem to be doing quite well.

When people in Ghana hear “Taxi“, the image of the local taxis enter the mind. Taxify has to do some good marketing to try and convince some people that when they use their app, they’re not just hailing local taxis.

Ghanaian Taxis don’t have the best reputations

One thing that Taxify needs do now is to improve their Twitter marketing. Seriously, I’m not impressed. I see a lot of smack talking and price comparisons but not much else in terms of differentiation from Uber and the experience.

Hope that gets better!

Taxify is supposedly officially launching October 14. More info will be posted about the app and details on how it works. Stay tuned.




4 thoughts on “Taxify: Just An Uber Clone Or A Real Competitor?

  1. Nicely portrayed the growing popularity of Uber clones these days. Taxi business is highly lucrative as it is famous for generating instant revenue. Presently, Uber clones are getting popular.

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