Early Impressions: Taxify Arrives In Ghana

And so finally, Uber’s competitor has officially launch in Ghana.

Today, on the 14th October 2017, Taxify officially launched operations in Accra. When I first heard about the service, I wondered if this was just an Uber clone trying to get on the ride sharing marketing that’s starting in Ghana.

So what better way to learn about Uber’s competitor than to try it out. So here’s my overview of the Taxify service.

First of all, the app is JUST like Uber. There’s really much difference to be honest.


With Taxify, you have the option to set your pickup location, select your payment option (Cash or Credit Card) and to use a promo code for trips. You can call your driver when your request gets accepted, rate your driver afterwards and pay with credit card of cash afterwards.

So what’s different with this service?

Well, Taxify claims that their service is cheaper than Uber. Well, I checked some price estimates. Here’s one location I checked out:

Uber’s price estimates for Abelemkpe to Cuppa Cuppicino: 9 – 12 GHC


Taxify’s price estimates for Abelemkpe to Cuppa Cuppicino: 10 – 12 GHC



Not much difference. Whether’s it cheaper in the long run remains to be seen.

My First Ride

For my first trip, I got a driver named “Kojo”. A really nice guy when I chatted with him. He was accommodating to my questions about the service.

His ride was comfortable as well. It was a nice Octiva car. Had the AC on as well. I got picked up from my location and dropped off without a hitch.

I’ll be honest: There isn’t much difference when comparing with Uber. It’s just the same concept.

But one advantage that Taxify might have over Uber? Surge Pricing

Everybody knows about Uber’s surge pricing. If you’re in an area where surge pricing is activated, you could find yourself paying 2.3x times the normal price. As a consumer, it can be kind of a turn off.

Taxify doesn’t have surge pricing. That’s an advantage which could make it a great alternative to using Uber. If you need a car and Uber has surge pricing activated, you might as well use Taxify.

But that’s on the consumer side. On the driver side, surge pricing brings in more money for you. So you would have more incentive to sign onto Uber right?

Well that depends. Uber takes 20-25% of the driver’s payment from trips. Taxify takes about 15-20%.

Also, there are no restrictions when it comes to using private car for the service. Just because the app is called “Taxify”, it doesn’t mean it’s just restricted to taxis.

So as a driver, which one would you rather sign up to? Well, maybe you would need to bring out an Excel spreadsheet to do all those numbers but that’s for another blog post.

Bugs And Hiccups

Since Taxify is new to the system, it’s going to take a while before they can work out the kinks out of their system.

It took me a whole before I could get a ride when I requested. Even the estimated times for requesting wasn’t right. I suspect the system is not as sharp or accurate especially since it just launched. So I would give it time before you judge it.

But with these first impressions, I can actually say that Taxify has a long way before it can catch up to Uber. Uber already has a strong brand name and they had a better market launch with celebrities tweeting and talking about it.

Taxify launch? Not so much. Hardly a lot of marketing on their end and whoever runs their Twitter and Facebook account need to do a better job at making noise about the service in my opinion.

So should you jump ship from Uber to Taxify? Not so fast. Let the service take some time to mature. I say, give it a month until you test it out unless you want to be in the front of the line testing a new service.

For now, Taxify has an uphill battle. It may not win but it can position itself as a great alternative and that’s not a bad thing.


4 thoughts on “Early Impressions: Taxify Arrives In Ghana

  1. Am surprised that Taxify has thse Bugs and hiccups cos this was an opportunity for them to build up on ubers shortcomings.

    In short they really did a lazy reasearch or didn’t do one at all to better their service and oh! Their marketing skills of making the app/business popular is just bad . Whoever is in charge of marketing should be sacked.

    Am really disappointed.

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