New Coat Of Paint: Uber App Undergoes Major Redesign

It’s been days since I wrote about Uber so I decided to go ahead and put up this new post to keep the streak alive.

Uber today unveiled new design changes to their popular ride sharing application. Uber says they redesigned their app to be quicker in responses when users interact with it. Here’s a couple of changes you will be seeing in the new update:

New Pick Up Options

If you know the old Uber app, you realize that when you’ve launched it, you were presented with a couple of Uber options like UberX, UberPool and Uber Black. (In Ghana, we’re stuck with UberX for now)

Credit: The Verge

Now you will be presented with different options which include Economy (UberX) and Premium (Uber Black). This makes sense. More like airplane seating options (Economy, Business Class, First Class)

New “Homepage”

When you launch the Uber app, the app takes your GPS location and you have to request a ride and then type in your destination. In the new Uber app, the app asks the user “Where To“. The app goes the GPS location in the background as the user enters their destination.

Credit: The Verge

The new Uber app now gives suggestions for locations. Maybe it’s a Saturday night and you open up the app. Uber will probably suggest a location like a bar or nightclub. Users can also set favorite destinations on the app now.

A new calendar feature has been added as well. If you use a calendar to book meetings or set reminders about events, the app will integrate that and suggest your route to the location set in your calendar.

Upfront Prices

I think Uber riders will appreciate this one. The app will now give you prices upfront. If you select a location at Osu or the mall, the app will tell you how much that trip will cost. I’m not sure how that might work in Ghana when the app doesn’t factor in traffic. But it’s welcome feature for riders.

Suggested Pick Up Spots

The Uber app will give suggestions for pick up spots. Maybe you’re at the Accra mall and you request a pickup. The app will suggest a spot like Entrance A or Entrance B for a pick up location.

In App Entertainment



Uber really wants to be on their app as you ride along to your destination. Uber has a new feature Uber Feed where users can interact with Uber partners for different experiences which include Snapchat.

Friends Integrated

This might be a bit controversial or useful depending how you look at it. The Uber app can now pinpoint your friends location and map out a route to them. Basically the app will ping your friend if he/she is at a place and asks for their location to be shared with you. Uber says it’s a one time thing but I see privacy advocates ready to jump at it.

It’s an interesting array of updates. Upfront prices will definitely be a welcome feature for riders in Ghana.

I find the redesign to be visually pleasing. It looks like the Uber team thought about the user experience and went head on to address some issues. On the backend, Uber is using machine learning to help users get suggestions for locations and suggested pick up spots.

The new update should be rolling out soon.



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