No Slacking Off: Microsoft Unveils “Teams” App In Battle For Team Collaboration At Your Workplace

Email is boring.

Yeah. That’s the truth and everybody knows. Funny enough, in Ghana, some people actually have a hard time of getting back to you when it comes to email responses.

A lot of businesses set up email accounts and they’re always the same address:

Have you ever emailed that business with that address and how quickly has the response been?

Exactly my point. You may be lucky and have that business respond to you in the quickest time possible or you may never get a response and that business may have just lost a potential client. You would have a better chance of getting a response if you sent a message via their Facebook page.

I’m always saying that the world is moving fast and if you’re not keeping up with today’s technology and trends, you might be losing out on new money.

I’ve noticed that if a business does communicate with you, it’s through social media. Most companies respond through their Facebook or their twitter pages. Even Whatsapp is in the game when it comes to workplace communication. Companies give out their Whatsapp line and that becomes a form of customer online support.

But what about Slack?

Slack is one of the biggest names when it comes to team collaboration software. Some people have said Slack is better compared to email. It’s basically a simple chat workspace on desktops and mobile devices for teams to easily communicate with each other.

I don’t think that many Ghanaians or Ghanaian companies know about Slack and some would still prefer to use email or Whatsapp Groups as the primary mode of communication with work colleagues.



But now Slack has some competition. Microsoft recently unveiled their app called “Teams“.

The “Teams” app integrates most of Microsoft’s products including Skype, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.


Microsoft Teams

Both Slack and Microsoft Teams are chat windows where teams can talk and collaborate virtually online. You can share links, post pictures, post memes, create different sections for particular projects and a host of other things.

Slack has the ability to integrate third party apps to enhance the experience. At the moment, Microsoft Teams is available to Office 365 users. Slack has the advantage of being more open to startups and small businesses to use immediately. But it wouldn’t be surprising for Microsoft to make Teams more openly available down the road.

I don’t have the numbers on Office 365 users in Ghana but I think it would be very beneficial for users to take advantage of this.

These team collaboration apps were very well designed and I wonder how many businesses in Ghana make use of them. (I don’t think it’s a lot)

If you haven’t tried Slack, maybe you should give it a shot. Or maybe you would prefer your old fashioned email and Whatsapp groups.




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