WhatsApp Rolls Out Video Calling Feature. Will You Use It?

When I used to have an iPhone, I hardly used FaceTime to talk to someone. I never saw the point of it. Texting on Whatsapp just made things more easier. Even a simple phone call would do.

Today, Whatsapp rolled out their video feature to all it’s users on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.  Once you update the app, you will be able to see a small video icon in the chat area. Just press that button and you’ll be video chatting with them.


Whatsapp has been unveiling some useful features in the past. They unveiled Whatsapp Groups which allows users to form groups and chat within those groups and very recently, updated their app to have voice calling functionality which many telcos are not happy about.

Video calling on the other hand is something else. I’ve never felt the need to video call someone. It’s easier to call or text them. Plus, it saves you data. Even with Skype, I hardly use the video functionality and simply use audio.

Now Whatsapp is entering a territory with the likes of Apple (Facetime), Google (Google Duo) and Microsoft (Skype). That’s a lot of competition and it should be interesting to see how people react to this new Whatsapp feature.

But in Ghana, the issue of data usage is still prevalent with most people not really opting for video calls. But other parts of the world might welcome this new feature with open arms and start using it immediately.

The Whatsapp video calling feature is currently being rolled out. Just update the Whatsapp app on your phone when you hits your phone and you should be able to video call with all your friends.

Unless of course you just want to stick with good old voice calling.


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