Keeping Your Uber Driver Waiting? That Could Cost You

Uber drivers usually have this complaint about riders: They get the request, drive to the location of the rider and then have trouble locating the rider. They call their rider and are told to wait a few minutes. A few minutes turn into several minutes and the driver is forced to cancel the ride because time is literally money and he/she is wasting their time with one person.

Well, those long waiting times could eventually cost riders money.

Uber is currently testing a new program in certain locations (Is Ghana included?) where riders will be a charged a fee if a driver waits for more than two minutes after arriving at the pick up location.

So if a rider is seven minutes late to their Uber, they will be charged an extra five minutes for the trip.


Uber is also adding a cancellation fee if a riders cancels a pickup two minutes after they request for a ride.

These new features are currently being testing in places like the US but there’s no timeline for when it could come to the African market.

These new features are supposed to incentivize and compensate drivers who sometimes feel like they aren’t being treated fairly by riders especially when it comes to wait time. It is frustrating for a driver to go in the direction of a pick up and then have to change their route when a rider cancels at the last time.

We’ll have to wait and see how long before some of these features come to the African market in places like Ghana and Nigeria.





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