What Is The Point Of A Smart Watch?

I’ve been kind of skeptical of smartwatches and how much impact they will have in the tech space. First of all, most smartphones require that you have a smartphone in order to work as advertised.

Smart watches have the capability of sending you notifications of missed calls, text messages, emails, and social media updates. Some smartphones have advanced features such as GPS and heart rate monitors.

That’s all fine and dandy but sometimes it all seems to be a bit of overkill. Sometimes it feels like a smartwatch is just an extension of your smartphone. So what’s the point?

Aside from the cool factor, does it really benefit you and the cost to purchase one justified?


As a tech guy, I’m always interested in new toys. I currently have a fitbit which tracks my steps and exercise. It also tells time and date, and sends me calendar and text notifications. I don’t have use for the latter but it’s not a bad feature.

Android Watch giving flight details

Yes, smartwatches do have that “cool” factor. The ability to speak to your watch and have it give directions or answer your question is cool but how long will that cool factor last?


Ok. Let’s say smartwatches are “cool”, the problem is that they’re kind of expensive.

Let’s talk about the price about some of these smartwatches:

gallery-1473347747-apple-watch-series-2Apple Watch: $369


Samsung Galaxy S2: $299


Moto 360: $300


Huawei Watch: $299

If you look at the prices of some of these watches, you could actually get a decent smartphone which does far more than these watches.

Some have said that Smartphones are becoming niche products. Only people with change in their pocket will purchase and use them.

I have been wrong in the past when I have questioned the usefulness of some devices. Believe it or not, I questioned what the point of the iPad was. I mean, I could just do stuff with my computer. Why would I need a pad device?

Several years later and million dollars in profit, it appears that the iPad and tablet form devices were useful.

At the end of the day, a watch is supposed to tell you the time. Now we’re in a digital world where your watch can tell you the time, show you notifications of missed calls, text messages, social media etc.

Yes, smart watches do help in trying to keep healthy by tracking our walking, running and even determining how many hours we slept. But do the pros outweigh the cons?

I feel like smart watches are just simply making things more complex.



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