I Want To Build Something Cool

So I’ve been writing this tech blog for a year now. Actually started this blog in 2009 when I was at college but stopped writing around 2012.

In January of this year, I started up this blog again and focused on tech in Ghana. So far it’s been good. Traffic is steadily growing and I’ve been getting some good responses about the blog.

The reason I started this tech blog focusing on Ghana was because I was finding it hard to get in depth news about technology trends and events in Ghana. Most tech news is linked with politics or a major company which had an event to showcase something new.

There are tech sites which gives updates but I feel unsatisfied with them.

Sometimes the news isn’t consistent and just doesn’t enough detail or background. The Accra Digital Center was launched not too long ago and I still don’t know exactly what the place is. I can’t find enough pictures or videos or even a write up about what exactly the center does. Where’s the info?? It’s kind of frustrating.

What I hoped to do with this blog was to go in depth on some tech stuff in Ghana. I try to pick up on tech events, new tech products, new startups in Ghana and offer opinion pieces. It’s kind of exhausting sometimes but the fact that I get regular readership is kind of a good incentive.

But I find it hard to keep up sometimes. I work alone and don’t have a team.

So What’s Next…..

I’m inspired by other tech sites like CNET and TheVerge.com. They do a pretty good job of reporting tech news and their video reviews and interviews are top notch.

I like what someone like Marques Brownlee does with his Youtube page.

I LOVE this website (TheVerge.com)

I want to emulate something like that. This is just a simple tech blog but I want it to be something bigger. Sometimes you just want to evolve and not stay in where you’ve always been.

I don’t know when but sometime next year, I hope to startup a new site where we focus on technology news reporting in Ghana. I’m hoping to be more interactive with stuff like like video. Heck, I’m thinking the site could include some other entertainment features such as video games and movies. I think the Ghanaian space has a lot of offer and needs more exposure.

I want the site to look “cool”, I want it to work well on mobile and have great video productions. I want to focus on longform writing and get good behind the scene stories and even stretch it out to get cool interviews.

Until then, I’ll continue to run this blog and write as much as I can. I don’t know for how long or if things could change along the way where I don’t startup the new site.

But we’ll see.

But I’ll need a team to help with this. I’ve gotten some interest but I’ll definitely need people who are passionate about stuff like this for it to work.


So that’s it for now.

If you want to help me build something cool and you’re in Accra, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Email: jkuuire12@gmail.com

If you want to help me try and build something cool, I’m all ears.




4 thoughts on “I Want To Build Something Cool

  1. I have been wondering same about the Accra Digital Center, managed to find their physical location (thinking maybe its just their online presence that sucks) I visited the place, which is around Circle and was told they have not started working yet. Crazy if u ask me, but now that I think about it, maybe the inauguration was just for votes

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