Technology Trends I Hope To See in 2017

The year is almost over and we’ll soon be diving head first into 2017 and dealing with whatever it throws us at.

A lot of tech advances took place in 2016. Uber launched in Accra, Netflix became available in Africa, some people want to create a Silicon Valley in Accra and a lot of other stuff happened.

Next year, I’m hoping for a lot more good stuff to happen and more advances in technology to take place.

Here is my list of tech trends I hope to next year in 2017:

Low Prices Of Data


I’m bothered by the high price of data in Ghana. The world is moving towards data but the price barrier is making it hard for the average citizen to buy data. I once went to the UK and I bought a pre-card sim card for £20. I got 1000 mins, 1000 texts and 12GB. At the end of the three weeks I spent there, I had only consumed about 3GB of data.

A 1GB of data should not be expensive as it is in Ghana. I’m hoping that next year, the telecom companies and ISP providers will be more aggressive and offer really competitive prices in the marketplace.

Automation Of Everything


In Ghana, a lot of stuff is done manually in terms of paperwork and service. That needs to change. Technology can do a lot of stuff to speed these manually processes and make public service institutions and businesses more efficiently. In 2017, I’m hoping institutions like the Registrar General’s Department (A place which allows citizens to register businesses) finally gets their stuff together and make the online process for registering business possible.

The Passport Office has also launched an online process for getting a passport. It was launched recently but it remains to be seen if it will work as advertised especially since the Foreign Ministry claims a 15 day period for getting a passport with this new system.

Hopefully more online processes for public services will also be put online for everyday to get stuff done online.

More Businesses On Social Media


I see a lot of companies are actually engaging more on social media via Facebook and Twitter. Even though the response time isn’t as quick as you want it to be, at least it’s a start. Next year, I hope to see more businesses spring up on social media and actively engage their customers. Looking forward to seeing that.

Cashless Everywhere


This is a bit of a pipe dream but there is steady progress. I’ve written about the various companies such as ExpressPay and Slydepay which are helping to pay bills and buy airtime credit at the push of a button.

In 2017, I’m looking forward to businesses and banks to adopt more cashless options. I would look to actually not spend physical money when buying stuff at the stores. I’m hoping banks to push direct payments for salaries into workers’ accounts.

So that’s a few of the tech trends I would like see next year in 2017. If you have any trends you would like to see next year, don’t hesitate to give your input in the comment section.

I’m hoping to also make some transitions next year. Perhaps upgrade this blog to something bigger? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Stay tuned for that.

Thanks for reading.



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