Ghana Passport Applications Finally Goes “Online”

A couple of weeks ago, when the dust was still settling from Ghana’s post election, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs finally unveiled an online version for application for passports.

This has been a LONG time coming.

The Passport application process for the average Ghanaian is basically hell on earth. Most people opt to get help from “insiders” to get the job done.

But now, anyone can go online and apply for a passport . The question is: Will it work in the long term?

Beginning in 2017, the system will allow users  begin the application for new passports and renewal of passports online. There hasn’t been much about whether online forms will be needed to purchased first before you start the process. My guess is you may to buy some sort of form or code from the banks. (Btw, that whole process of buying forms from the banks needs to be phased out)

The question of course is whether the system will actually work as advertised.

The period of time in which a user will have to wait for their passport to be processed after they’ve submitted online is 10 – 15 days as said by the outgoing Foreign Affairs Minister.

Outgoing Foreign Affairs Minister – Hannah Tetteh (Photo credit: CitiFM)

But knowing how government and technology works in Ghana, I’m a bit hesitant to trust all these promises.

I’m a fan of automating processes like this. It makes everything more efficient and already better.

But with the Passport office which has been struggling to print passports and already having a backlog of passports, be ready to utilize this new system? Have they already integrated it into

We’ll just have to wait and see if all goes well. I for one hope so.

But for now, colour me skeptical.

The new online passport site can be found here:


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