Neon Glow: New Windows 10 UI Design Design Changes Coming In The Fall

I’m a fan of UI design changes for software especially when it looks good. When Windows 10 was released, they brought back the Start Menu and made some UI changes which brought positive feedback from many users.

Microsoft is working on something called Project Neon which will update the current UI of Windows 10 and add in some new animations and new design changes. The aim of the project is to create a universal design language across all Windows devices.


With the new UI, Some apps will feature a translucent background for some applications (like iOS). There will also be minor tweaks made to the taskbar.

The new UI changes are said to accommodate use of Microsoft’s Hololens (Microsoft’s VR headset). Maybe we might be using VR to control our desktops in the future?

The new UI changes will be included in a Windows update later this year. Speculations say April will be the best bet.


We’ll just have to wait and see what the final UI changes are when Microsoft delivers updates to Windows 10 this year.


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