Uber Releases Traffic Analysis Tool To The Public. Can It Help A City Like Accra?

Yesterday, Uber released a tool for mapping travel times. Thanks to the companies vast amount of ride data, the tool allows users to measure travel times between various parts of a city.

The new tool called “Movement” was designed for city governments and urban planners. It is currently available on the web (you have to request access). This tool will help officials conduct detailed traffic studies if they want to analyze traffic and plan for construction projects such as new highways.


Thanks to the information Uber gathers from riders and Uber drivers (thanks to GPS), this tool can help save time for officials in urban planning by reviewing traffic times, times when traffic is dense and when traffic is at ease.

A tool like that could help a city like Accra which seems to be increasing in traffic almost every year. Institutions like Town and Country Planning and Ministry of Roads and Highways could use this tool when constructing new roads by doing traffic analyses.


Thanks to rural-urban migration, traffic in Accra is very dense and the current road constructions need to be improve to improve traffic flow in the city.

But will the new government make use of data to build new road projects? I hope so.

Get more information on Uber Movement here


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