Ghanaian Companies & Businesses Need To Take Their Website Designs More Seriously

In my spare time, I like to work website redesign concepts. Sometimes I just do it for fun and to pass the time and other times I do it to show how a website can look different and better if it’s done properly.

That’s something I’ve noticed with a lot of Ghanaian business websites: Most of them are terrible.

They’re poorly designed, not frequently updated and just are visually bad. Some Ghanaian websites basically look like someone at one of these companies paid someone 500GHC to get a website up and running. (Not saying you can’t get a good website for 500GHC, but sometimes you get what you pay for)

In this day and age of the internet, having a poorly designed website is bad enough that it can affect your brand and even your reputation.

Brand Reputation

They say first impressions are key. On the internet, this is very true. If a user goes online to check out your business and your website is not well done, they’re going to leave with a bad impression. I’ve gone on to some websites that actually made me question whether some businesses are legit because of how bad their websites look.

Sometimes I just notice inconsistent design and branding of websites. It just doesn’t fit.

If you’re serious about growing and getting recognition, your website is the one of the first places you have to make sure that your branding is consistent. Sometimes your reputation depends on it.

Mobile Experiences

Almost everyone has a smartphone now. In their offices, homes and cars, everybody is constantly on their phones, searching the web and on social media. If you’re a business and users are browsing your website on their mobile device, you better make sure it’s mobile friendly. There’s nothing worse than zooming in on your phone to read the font about what your business is about. It’s not a good experience.

Most businesses think that it’s enough to have a desktop web interface for their website. But in these days of mobile devices, you need to make sure that users of mobile devices can also access your website.

Nowadays, most website designs apply your responsive design to their websites. Responsive design means that whatever device that a user is using, the website automatically adjusts to fit the content on that device. This means your website doesn’t have to designed for the web and then have a mobile version to be designed as well.

Trust me, nobody wants to use both hands to browse your business website on their phones or tablets. It’s not a good mobile experience.

Content And Information

Why do Ghanaian businesses put up contact information on their site that is outdated? This baffles me. On more than one occasion, I’ve called a number on a website just to listen to a voice saying that the number does not exist.

It’s kind of infuriating.

Also, the era of “” needs to die, especially if you don’t plan on responding to the customer when they email you. If you’re not going to respond to email queries, don’t put an “info” email address on your site.

Businesses need to stay on top of information that they put on their websites. If you have contact information that is outdated, that can easily be a red flag to some people.

Get a Webmaster Or Web Designer On Deck

If you know that your website is going to constantly get traffic, you better hire a webmaster or someone to manage your website. That way you can make changes to your site whenever you need to. If you have content management system in place, it’s still advisable to get someone who can redesign the website in case you need to spruce it up.

Ghanaian businesses need to get serious with their websites. Back in the day, it was simple enough to put a website on the internet and just look away. But now, everyone interacts online and having a good website is key to growing your business. There’s no excuse for having a crappy website these days. You may not know it but many users will judge your business depending on how your website looks. A bad design can hurt your brand and reputation.

Businesses need to make sure their website is also always up to date especially with content and contact information.

Businesses also need to make sure their websites are mobile friendly.

It’s 2017. The internet is more important than ever. Ghanaian companies need to make sure that they have a good presence online. Hire a good web guy or company and be hands on from the start. At the end of the day, it’s your website and you need to be on top of stuff like this.


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