Primetime: Amazon Video Is Now Available Globally. Are You Streaming?

The answer to the question is probably no.

Regardless, Amazon Video, Amazon’s on-demand video streaming service, is now available globally to users around the world (except China for regulatory reasons). One of those global markets include Ghana.

With Amazon Video being available globally, it is now directly competing with Netflix in the global market. Amazon Video is priced around $5.99 per month while Netflix is priced around $7.99 per month. Despite the price difference, does Amazon Video have the brand recognition for video streaming like Netflix?

Most people know more about Netflix’s video offering such as Narcos, Daredevil and Orange Is The New Black but Amazon does have its own set of shows like “Transparent” which has won an Emmy award.

Should Netflix Be Worried?

Not too recently, Amazon got the old hosts of the BBC show Top Gear on board and launched a new show called “The Grand Tour,” which is now critically acclaimed and is basically a bigger version of Top Gear.

Currently available on Amazon Video

But despite that, Amazon Video will have some catching up to do if it wants to dethrone Netflix as king of streaming video.

But like most of these streaming services, I always ask the question: Are consumers in Ghana streaming TV shows and movies? I honestly think the vast majority of Ghanaians don’t stream their TV shows and movies or aren’t fully capable of streaming.

Like I wrote in another blog post, most people prefer to download. Both Amazon Video and Netflix have offline viewing but I think most people would still rather torrent their favorite TV shows than stream them.

I think until the price of data comes down to the point where the average Ghanaian can buy data packages like they’re buying water, I don’t think we’re ready for a full on adoption of services like Amazon Video and Netflix.

But it could happen. It’s probably a waiting game at the most.




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