Home Cooking: Meet HomeCho, The Food Company Which Wants To Help You Cook At Home

I was on my working on my laptop when I noticed a new email in my inbox. I checked it out and someone was advertising their new business called “HomeCho“. They were looking for people to provide feedback for their product.

HomeCho is a Ghanaian owned business which wants to help the average Ghanaian make home cooked meals. Their business model is that they offer you recipes and ingredients for specific meals that you can order on their website and after you purchase, they deliver to your address. You get instructions and the ingredients which come in the box and you basically prepare the meal yourself.

How The Concept Works

This is a business model which is used by another company in the US called “Blue Apron“. It’s the same premise: You order and pay for ingredients for a meal from the website, it gets delivered and you prepare the meal.

As someone who doesn’t prepare a lot of home cooked meals (I do the basics), I’m actually a fan of this business model.

It should be interesting to see if this business model can work in Ghana considering the fact that Ghana has a problem with our home address system*. Also, at first glance, the prices for some of the meals might be a bit high for the average Ghanaian.

*Ghana does not really have a good address which makes it possible for deliveries to be delivered to homes.*

I’m hoping to do a test run of the concept later on and a review of the process will be posted later.

Maybe you want to give HomeCho a try. They’re currently looking for feedback. Check out their website at http://www.homechogh.com/.





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