Is French Telecom Operator Orange Making A Move To Ghana Following The Airtel-Tigo Merger?

It was reported last week that Tigo and Airtel have been working on a potential merger. According to sources, this deal has been in the works for quite some time.

According to new information coming in, it looks likes like the French Telecom operator, Orange, would take over the combined entity.

The telecom operator Orange had already completed acquisition of Airtel in Burkina Faso last year January, 2016.

It would make sense for Orange to take over the newly merged company of Tigo and Airtel especially since Airtel said they would be exiting the some African countries (Ghana included) within a year.(Source: Ghanaweb)

Nothing is officially yet but I think we can conclude that whatever happens, Airtel will no longer operate in Ghana by the end of the year. The question is when will the Tigo-Airtel merger be completed and when will Orange takeover?

So what does that mean for the telecom competition in Ghana? Will Orange bring the heat to MTN and Vodafone since it may have the muscle to move in and jump into the 4G LTE game? Or will the competition just be between MTN and Vodafone going forward?

We’ll have to wait and see how well the deals for the merger  works and when Orange might takeover. That’s if they do even do plan a takeover.


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