Asoriba Officially Launches Their Church Management Solution

It was late afternoon at the Holiday Inn hotel in Accra. Coming in from the hot weather into the hotel lobby and being welcomed by cool air courtesy of the air conditioners was a welcoming.

In one of the conference rooms at the hotel, the startup company Asoriba was officially launching their church management software solution to the public.

Asoriba is a church software management company which was started at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST). Started by four gentlemen namely Nana Agyeman Prempeh (CEO), Savior, and Jessie and Patrick.

Asoriba had been making some good traction and getting noticed by the likes of CNN and BBC. They’ve also won numerous awards from Seedstars (a startup based competition) and just recently, Barclays.

Today was the day that the Asoriba team officially launched their software product to the public.

Launch Event

Nana Prempeh started the event off with a bit of background about Asoriba and how they started. He explained the concept behind the app and how the Asoriba team leveraged applied it to the church.


During the event, Prempeh introduced some special guests including Eddy Addy from Lighthouse Chapel, who gave a testimonial of how he uses the Asoriba church solution at his church.

After the Asoriba team was brought on stage and officially “launch” Asoriba, Prempeh proceeded with a walkthrough and live demo of the church management solution. He showed off the dashboard which would primarily be used by church administrators. The dashboard enables admins to track expenses, check church membership and attendance.

For the end consumer, Prempeh showed off the Asoriba mobile app. The app has features including a social network for church goers (Kind of like Facebook), an option to subscribe to podcasts and testimonials from various churches and a tithe giving option.


Even the feature phone users aren’t left out. There was a walkthrough of an USSD platform that users could use to access some features from the main app.

Ghanaian Adoption And The Future Of Church Technology

Asoriba is a great looking app. It has great features that a church can definitely take advantage of. It’s a digital age and the church can’t get left behind especially when their congregation all have mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

But I can’t help but wonder if the average Ghanaian church goer will download and use the Asoriba app. It’s not a hit on Asoriba but rather wondering if the marketplace will adopt Asoriba as one of their daily apps.

Most people are pre-occupied with their daily apps like Facebook and Twitter. You add in Whatsapp which is a major hit with everybody and then throw in Snapchat or Instagram and now you’re really going to have a hard time asking them to add another type of “social” app like Asoriba on their phones. Maybe the ones who are technologically savvy will be the early adopters and lure in the others.

But most Ghanaians associate themselves as religious and almost everyone has a church that they regularly attend. The people Asoriba will have to convince to use their app are the pastors of the church. The pastors and priests will have to convince their church members to download the apps on their tablets or smartphones for the benefit of the church.

Remember, Asoriba is a company and they have a business to maintain. That means, there are fees involved when churches decide to use Asoriba’s church management solution. It might had to convince a church to use their technology solution but there is value in the system from what I’ve seen.

But the future is bright. The church is really an untapped market in Ghana and Asoriba is way ahead with their technology solution. They’ve already set up shop in Nigeria (a very big market) and South Africa as well.

There’s really no reason why Asoriba can’t succeed. They have a good solution and the market is not really very competitive.

The church can’t get left behind in the age of technology. Asoriba is leading the way in Ghana in providing a perfect platform for churches.

You can find out more about Asoriba on their website: and download their mobile app on Google Playstore, on the iOS store and Windows Phone Marketplace.

Update: The post had earlier stated that Asoriba had three founders. It’s been corrected and updated to reflect that there are four founders.


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