Vodafone Launches Fibre Broadband, Gearing Up For A Fight With MTN

Looks like we have a fibre broadband fight on our hands.

Vodafone recently launched their own fibre broadband solution. This is just some months after MTN rolled out their own fiber broadband solution in Accra.

Vodafone’s fibre optic broadband technology aims to deliver significantly faster download broadband speed than conventional broadband ADSL. Vodafone is claiming that their solution will give 10x more the speed of your regular broadband.

Vodafone Fibre Broadband ad – Image Credit: Vodafone

Yolanda Cuba, CEO of Vodafone Ghana, said her company is partnering with communities and real estate developers at key locations to deploy fibre broadband.

Those key locations are currently in East Legon, Cantonments and places in Tema.

Current locations of Vodafone Fibre Broadband – Credit: Vodafone Ghana

Well, what about the average Joe? When is he/she going to get this lovely service at their locations? I’m sure in due time, the service will rollout city wide.

Fibre Broadband Competition

MTN already rolled out their Fibre broadband solution last year. In both cases, locations are limited to certain areas in the city including Airport Residential, East Legon and Cantonments.

Right now, it’s going to be about pricing. Currently Vodafone uses their regular broadband prices for their fiber option:

40GB – 125GHC/month

80 – 180GHC/month

200GB – 250GHC/month

500GB – 400GHC/month

I’m not certain about MTN’s fiber broadband prices but one person told me he pays 390GHC for 550GB*. There’s cheaper than Vodafone’s 500GB option.

*(Hey MTN, it would help if you listed prices and information about your fibre service on your website. It would help consumers. Thanks!)

But it should be interesting to see who rollouts more quicker and gets more customers in this fibre broadband battle.

I’m always thinking about the little guy to be honest. I think 125GHC for 40GB is way too high. You’re effectively cutting lots of people including students and startups who would actually flourish with faster internet connectivity. But I guess we’ll have to wait until the prices drop before we can also enjoy the spoils of the internet.

The way I see it, the company which offers a less costly option will grab more market. But I’m just being an optimist.



2 thoughts on “Vodafone Launches Fibre Broadband, Gearing Up For A Fight With MTN

  1. Competition is good for pricing so that is an opportunity. As for the little guy, that’s where governments would be useful. At a minimum, one university should receive the broadband as well, I say Tech, but I am biased. And it should be subsidized… #wishfulthinking

    1. Yep. Competition is great. Hopefully that helps to bring about competitive pricing for the end consumer. Let’s hope #wishfulthinking turns into actual fruition. There’s always hope

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